truDERMA – Scientific Weight Management & Muscle Programs?


Coming across a good quality supplement is something that happens less and less these days.

This is because the supplement industry is filled to the rim with integrity-lacking businesses that will say anything and everything to get more customers.

This is shown with all the hype that surrounds different products on the market. Every product supposedly has the highest quality ingredients and is clinically proven

People are not asking for much. All they want is a product that lives up to its promises. It really makes zero sense to create a product that is marketed to do one thing and then doesn’t do it.

These business hone in on the desperate desire people have to improve their bodies and health. If consumers want bigger pecs, younger looking skin, whatever, these companies will formulate something that they claim will solve that issue.

It’s terrible the number of people that fall for these traps.

To avoid this type of misleading marketing, this review will hopefully reveal a supplement company that can hopefully be trusted by the masses

The name of the company? truDERMA

About truDERMA

truDERMA is a company that was founded in 2011 in Las Vegas, NV.

This company is known for developing, marketing, and distributing their own supplements and nutraceuticals.

For those who don’t know what nutraceuticals are, they are a broad term that is used to describe products that are made from specific types of food.

Nutraceuticals all have different health benefits which make them highly valuable to consumers.

A fact that offer a little credibility to the truDERMA brand is the fact that their products can be found in retail stores such as GNC, CVS, Vitamin Shoppe and Walgreens.

Just off the strength of being in this many stores speaks to the effectiveness and reach of these products. While it’s true that ineffective products can be sold in retail stores, to get into these credible retail outlets is no easy task.

If that wasn’t enough, truDERMA, in it’s first year of business, was the recipient of GNS’s Rising Star Award. A big deal in the supplement community.

The company claims that the reason their products are so effective is because of how much time, money and research they put into each formulation.

This fact is expressed by the company adding that the only ingredients they use are backed with tons of clinical research.

The goal of these products is to do one of the following three things: Enhance athletic performance, improve body composition, or elevate personal health.

This description is refreshing because it paints a vivid picture of what these products can do for consumers.

Most companies just claim to help people improve their health and leave it at that, but truDERMA isn’t most companies.

What do they have to offer?

truDERMA offers a medium catalog of products that all can help consumers in a multitude of ways.

All of these products are grouped into 5 categories of products to make it easier on customers when they are deciding which products to purchase.

Let’s look into each of these categories one by one.

GarobiPlex- GastrobiPlex is the name of a type of product that truDERMA offers that comes in different forms for convenience. They are; The complete system, capsules, and shake.

GastrobiPlex is a supplement that is used exclusively to support healthy weight management. It does this by taking control of the hormone leptin, which basically controls appetite levels. If one takes control of their appetite, they can then more easily control their weight.

This product is so effective that it deserved its own category.

Mens Health- This category offers a number of products such as Troxyphen Elite, Engage, Viaxus, Troxyphen, Evolve, and Troxyphen D.A.V.E

All of these products do what one would expect of men’s health products. They help with everything from boosting testosterone levels to increasing energy.

The only thing about these products is they are a little on the pricey side. But hey, you get what you pay for.

Mangodrin- Like GastrobiPlex, Mangodrin is an individual product that comes in different forms, such as a AM/PM combo, a bundle, a stimulant free option and capsules.

Mangodrin is a weight-loss supplement that is regarded as a “weight-loss wonder” by many. This popular supplement has been featured on TV many times due to It’s effectiveness and is demand across the country.

Again, this is a product that’s so good that it deserves its own category.

truWELLNESS- The truWELLNESS category contains more recognizable supplements. Users will find supplements here such as a probiotic, fish oil, forskolin, nootropic, an garcinia campbogia.

These type of supplements can really be purchased anywhere but it’s recommended that people purchase them from a company they trust.

With that being said, might as well get them from truDERMA. The price is basically the same as anywhere else but the trust factor is strong.

V.I.P Programs- This category doesn’t contain any different products from the preceding category, but rather it combines specific products to help consumers reach a specific goal.

The packages available here include: Elite Muscle Pack, Elite FIT Plan, Troxyphen FIT Plan.

These packages are for people who want to take their fitness results to elite level, which is why the name is so appropriate.

These products are sure to help customers reach their health and fitness goals as long as they put the work in.

truDERMA Review Summary

Are truDERMA products worth consumers time and money?

Absolutely. The conviction is strong behind this company since they are trusted by many well-known retailers and all of their ingredients are backed by clinical research.

Saying this company offers effective products is really just common sense talking.

If customers clearly define their goals and seek out truDERMA products that align with them, they won’t be sorry that they purchased.

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