The Paleo Secret – Ultimate Golden Milk Turmeric Pre-Bed Drink?


Living a healthy active life is something that many, if not all, people know they should do. Many aspire to this goal, but not many accomplish it.

Knowing that we should be happy is common sense. But knowing and doing are two different things and when it comes to health, the doing is extremely difficult.

Part of the reason for this problem is education, or lack thereof. That’s not to say educational materials aren’t available, they are just many in number.

There’s just so much material existing online and in magazines and in the mouths of friends and family that it can be the whole health-journey a hazy one.

This is not the fault of the people, this is the fault of business and different health magazines. These companies are constantly looking for new material to put in their media mediums to fill up space. They care not whether it’s fact or fiction.

People come to these content hubs looking for answers to their problems. Maybe they have a new healthy New Years resolution to get healthy and have no idea how to start.

They see a magazine promising a magic workout that can give them six-pack abs and they fall for it.

After falling for these tricks a number of times it’s easy to see why these people give up. They can’t keep taking ostensible right-action and not get the results they’re looking for. That would be a recipe for depression.

These people shouldn’t give up, but rather should shift their focus to a different platform. One that is filled with people like them that strive to uplift and encourage people by providing health advice that’s tried and true.

Blogs are the new places online to find answers and information pertaining to our problems. Behind these websites are real people that share their personal experience with hopes to inform people who were once like them.

One of the blogs that will be the focus of this review is The owners claim to offer sound advice on how people can effectively reach their health dreams by following the Paleo Way.

About The Paleo Secret

The Paleo Secret is a website owned by Chad and Brenda Walding. Both of which are Physical Therapists.

This couple claims to have a passion helping others reach their true potential by living a healthy and active life.

Their site serves as a place where they compile all of the information, tips, and tricks that they have gathered over the course of many years to help people become a healthier and happier version of themselves.

The Waldings believe that a lot of misinformation exists online and is used to conditioned people that health can only be reached by following one path. The conventional path. The path of Food Guide Pyramid and things like it.

They encourage readers to break away from these chains of conventional thought and get back to their roots. They believe, through the Paleo Diet, that health and vitality can be reached since this is the way of our Ancestors.

People reading this may think that The Waldings are attempting to replace one form of indoctrination with another, in the form of the Paleo Diet. This isn’t a wrong impression, but it’s not a complete one.

As people explore this beautifully crafted site they will see that there’s much more to it than eating a Paleo Diet, although that is the foundation, without a doubt.

The approach these two have to getting their readers to live a more healthy existence is one of encouragement and giving. It doesn’t have an authoritarian feel to it.

Moving, Thinking, Living

What makes this blog different than other health blogs is the approach The Waldings take to making sure their readers are equipped to transform their lives.

They don’t simply share recipes and post fitness videos, every piece of content released on this site falls into one of three categories: Moving, Thinking, Living.

Moving- The Category of Content is pretty straight forward. Living a healthy and happy life entails more than just eating the right foods, the body must also be involved.

This is more than just about exercising the body. This category involves everything that pertains to the fleshy vehicle.

For example, some of the articles in this category include The dangers of sitting, Womb Squat Series, and The Correct Way to Warm up.

This will be the first place people go when attempting to become healthier since people tend to start with exercise.

Thinking- If one’s psychology is in disarray, so will be the body. This is the reason why thinking is also a major component to this website.

The most effective way to changing one’s life is to change thought patterns. There’s many ways to do this and some of the ways are included on this blog.

Some of the blog posts included in this area are Thoughts Become Things, 3 Steps to Achieving New Year’s Resolutions, and Living a Life of Gratitude.

The most powerful posts on will be found in this category.

Living- Everything lifestyle related will be found here. Anyone looking to beautify their life should definitely check out his section.

The Ultimate Pre-Bed Drink?

This odd sounding blend may put you off first, but these are the kinds of super beneficial, helpful recipes that are shared on

If you have any trouble falling asleep, then this Golden pre-bed drink should do the trick.

The recipe calls for blending 1/2 cup water with 1/4 cup turmeric in a saucepan to first create a turmeric paste. The second part involves blending 2 cups coconut milk, 1 tsp coconut oil, 1/2 tsp cinnamon, 1 tsp to 1 tblspn of the turmeric paste made in the first part, 1 tsp of chopped ginger, and a pinch of Stevia. Finally, stir and simmer (with lid on) for about 10 minutes.

Next, strain this concoction, and pour it into your favourite mug. A sprinkle of cinnamon to top it off and viola! You'll have a bedtime drink that should have you feeling those Zzzs in a restful sleep soon enough.

That’s the kind of info people will find here. Holistic and healing!

The Paleo Secret Review Summary provides info that extends beyond the bounds of the paleo diet.

Of course, info on the The Paleo Secret can be found there, but to reduce this website to diet information would be a tragedy.

This blog can truly help people. To find out more, go to

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