The Cocoa Exchange – Dove, Pure Dark, Pod & Bean Chocolate?


Almost everyone loves chocolate and if you don’t love it, then you may not have tried one that suits your tastes. Granted, finding the right chocolate brand isn’t always easy, especially when there are many low-quality candy brands lining the shelves with chocolates that are rich in sugar and lacking in chocolate’s signature ingredient – cocoa.

If you’re ready to upgrade your tastes when it comes to chocolate, then this review would like to introduce you to The Cocoa Exchange, which is a subsidiary of Mars Candy.

The online marketplace exchange is where you’ll find all thinks cocoa and high-quality for of it too so that you truly get a chocolate option that you can enjoy.

What Is The Cocoa Exchange?

The Cocoa Exchange is an online marketplace for “all things chocolate.” When you access the online marketplace, you’ll find a number of excellent chocolate brands that offer products made with premium-grade cacao.

Unlike many other chocolate brands on the market, the online exchange only features options that are made with the best and most natural cocoa available and better yet, they are manufactured with the experience, manpower, and influence of Mars Chocolate. This way, you can count on the online exchange to provide you with a number of great options.

A Curator Opportunity

Another unique quality to note about the exchange is that it has a “direct to consumer format.” The format enables those who are passionate about chocolate to become curators and to start their own chocolate business through the site.

As a curator, you’ll have the opportunity to host a get together for your friends and family from the comfort of your own home. In hosting an event with the Cocoa Exchange, you’ll receive rewards such as:

  • Monthly specials
  • Discounts on products through the Cocoa Exchange
  • Earn host dollars
  • Receive free shipping for orders through the host section
  • Buy a starter kit using host dollars

If you are interested in signing up as a curator, you can do so through the “host” link on the brand’s site. Just click “sign up to host.”

Quality Chocolate Options

You can get a good sense of a brand and the products that it releases on the market by its values and quality. In this case, The Cocoa Exchange is dedicated to making and offering delicious and premium-grade chocolate ever since its founding over 100 years ago.

The brand focuses on crafting its excellent chocolate products and helps its curated brands along the way at every single stage of the process – from planting the bean to picking the cocoa fruit and finally to the chocolate-making stage. By giving attention and care to every part of the process, the brand is able to truly cultivate an excellent chocolate product and ensure that its curated products are well-made as well.

100% Certified Cocoa

If you do research on chocolate brands, you’ll find that few to none use 100% certified cocoa. This can decrease the quality of the end-product and provide consumers with less than they expect from a chocolate product. Fortunately, The Cocoa Exchange has gone above and beyond traditional brands by dedicating to only use 100% certified cocoa in its products.

That is to say, all of the brand’s products are made with completely pure cacao so that you receive a legitimate and quality chocolate product. Further, all of the chocolates on the online exchange must follow these standards.

Why Choose The Cocoa Exchange?

For those who are simply buying through the cocoa exchange, there are many great reasons to do so. Here are the main qualities that make this brand worthwhile:

Quality Chocolate and Great Ingredients

First, the Cocoa Exchange offers quality chocolates that are made with great ingredients. Every chocolate product produced must meet the brand’s standards before being released on the market.

Further, the ingredients include some of the best sourced beans that are available so that you can truly count on getting excellent end products. Also the brand includes only the freshest spices that are hand selected by the chef’s working at the Cocoa Exchange.

Ethical Sources

Second, the brand’s chocolate products are produced only through ethically sourced ingredients. The brand follows five specific principles when producing its products and they are as follows: quality, responsibility, mutuality, efficiency, and freedom. By following these standards when sourcing its products, the final outcome is truly a great tasting and ethical chocolate.

American Made

Third, the brand’s chocolate is made in the United States. While the United States is not exactly known as a leader in the chocolate industry when considered on a global scale, the chocolates offered by the Cocoa Exchange do strive to be better than other chocolate brands in the country. Therefore, you can still expect an excellent end product.

Chef-Curated Flavors

Finally, there is nothing more enjoyable than having a chocolate brand that is made by chefs who truly understand chocolate and its flavor pairings. The good news is that the Cocoa Exchange’s chocolates are made by chefs who put together only the finest and most unique flavor pairings. This way, when you purchase a chocolate product, you can expect to be ready for a wonderful experience.

As you can tell, there are many benefits to be had when you add Cocoa Exchange to your go-to chocolate brands. With the products offered by Cocoa Exchange, you can truly find an option that works well for you and your tastes.

The Cocoa Exchange Options

Finally, it is of course useful to understand the product options that are available on the Cocoa Exchange. The products are only available on this exchange and cannot be found elsewhere. Here is what you have to choose from:

Dove Signature

Dove Signature is premium-grade Dove brand chocolate that features flavor pairings that you won’t find elsewhere. As the brand explains, the chocolate offered by this brand has “something for everyone.” If you are interested in learning more about this collection and the others, you can visit the site and browse.

Pure Dark

Pure Dark is an earthy-style chocolate that is meant to reflect chocolate “just like nature intended.” This brand is ideal for those who love dark chocolate and the richness that comes with it.

Pod and Bean

Lastly, Pod and Bean is chocolate combined with outstanding culinary skill. The chocolate options here are actually paired with one-of-a-kind gourmet food so that you can truly get an interesting experience.

Where To Buy The Cocoa Exchange

If you are interested in purchasing chocolate from the Cocoa Exchange, then you can do so through the brand’s website. You can view the specific brands on the exchange as well to find one that suits your needs and tastes.

The Cocoa Exchange Review Summary

Ultimately, the Cocoa Exchange is a great way to try new chocolate that is made with values and standards. When you visit the site, you can browse through the many options and you’re bound to find something that you or a loved one will adore.

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