Teeth Night Guard – Sparkling White Smiles’ Grinding Prevention?


Many people are unaware of the fact that when they are sleeping, their teeth often undergo a lot of physical stress. This is because our jaws respond to various stimuli through the course of of our sleep, and thus many a times we tend grind our teeth subconsciously.

This causes the outer enamel layer to gradually wear off and dissolve. This dissolution when coupled with the fact that various bacteria and food remnants chemically react with our teeth causes our dental health to deteriorate gradually.

A recent study has shown that with the rise of snack foods, the outer protective layers of our teeth have been found to dissolve at a rate of 25% faster than before.

Today there exist various safe/clinically tested means to prevent this degradation from occurring. There are now various mouthguards, mouthpieces which have been crafted to fit comfortably along one’s jaw line.

Due to the advancements made in material science, scientists have come up with flexible fiber materials which not only support our teeth but also provide comfort to our jaw and overall facial structure. This helps in the alleviation of problems like jaw pain, teeth grinding, cheek support.

What Is Teeth Night Guard?

Well the name pretty much says it all, these high quality dental support systems have been crafted to help users get rid of various issues related to teeth grinding, facial pain, and broken breathing.

All of the mouthguards have been made using high quality flexible fiber which is absolutely safe for long term use and causes no chemical interference with our bodies.

Teeth Night Guard Benefits

Some of the key aspects of the products include:

High Dental Quality:

All of the mouthpieces have been made in direct consultation with recognized dentists, each device is made using custom measurements and fits perfectly into an individual's mouth.

Sleep Benefits:

Many people have reported erratic sleep patterns because of their teeth grinding issues, a few individuals have even reported biting their tongues in their sleep.

The mouthguards prevent these issues and help relax our facial muscles so that one can obtain deep, uninterrupted sleep.

Face Pain Support:

Due to clenching and muscle constriction, many patients have reported feeling lot of discomfort in their facial muscles during their daily work. Through the regular use of mouthguards, our muscle habits can be altered and the pain can be gotten rid of.

Cost Effective:

Unlike various other mouth support systems which cost a fortune to purchase, the mouthguards being offered by ‘Teeth Night Guard’ are reasonably priced and extremely convenient to purchase.

Teeth Night Guard Options

There are various mouthpieces which one can choose (depending on material, cost, user requirements), some of the main mouthguards which are available for purchase include:

Soft Flexible .120’ Custom Night Guard:

This unit is specially designed for moderate teeth grinding/bruxism. Each device is fabricated using a soft, flexible, rubbery BPA and latex free plastic.

In terms of its durability, each mouthguard should ideally last users anywhere between 6 months to 3 years (depending upon intensity of grinding).

Extra Durable Proform .120” Custom Night Guard:

This mouthguard is especially designed for nighttime use and is customized for moderate to severe teeth grinding/bruxism. Each device is fabricated using strong laminate material made specifically for heavy teeth grinding and clenching.

Each unit features an abrasion-resistant material that can withstand immense strain, and has been clinically found to resist heavy grinding. Lastly, each mouthguard is completely BPA and latex free.

Hybrid (Hard Outside / Soft Inside) .120” Custom Night Guard:

It is a Hybrid mouthguard designed for moderate to severe cases of tooth degradation caused due to teeth grinding (also known as bruxism). Like all of the other mouthguards, each unit is BPA and Latex Free and features a hard acrylic outside shell for strength and durability.

It also features a soft inside liner that allows users to obtain superior comfort and increased lifespan (each mouthpiece can last users anywhere between 2-5 years).

Ultra Thin Hard Acrylic 0.040” Day/Night Guard:

While its use is quite flexible, i.e it can be used during the day or night, it is primarily meant to function as a daytime guard that is designed to prevent severe teeth grinding/bruxism.

Due to its heavy duty nature of function, it has been made using hard acrylic rigid plastic (like invisalign). Each unit can last users anywhere between 2 – 5+yrs, depending upon the degree of teeth grinding intensity.

Hard Acrylic 0.080” Night Guard:

This thick, hard material based night guard has been specially designed for very severe teeth grinding/bruxism. Made of a hard acrylic rigid plastic it features a long life and good durability factor. (Lifespan can vary between 2-5+yrs).

Teeth Night Guard Reviews

There are many satisfied customers who have used Teeth Night Guard and have found it to be highly effective.

Some satisfied individuals include Natalya Parkland Who says” I have been wearing my guard and it is the best thing that has ever happened to my teeth! I delayed in making my impression and finally was able to a couple of months ago. I was very skeptical of my ability to do the impression correctly, but the helpful team created a perfect guard for me. Your service is outstanding and everyone should use these guards if they have any dental issues.”

Similarly, James Oveley says “Fast delivery and faster return after I sent my teeth mold in. Easy to follow instructions and the teeth guard was a perfect fit. Extremely satisfied when I need another custom night guard I know where to get it from”.

Lastly, Rebecca Weaver says “Excellent customer service through email when ordering, and fabulous product. Same quality as the one I paid much more for at the dentist. Glad I found this”.

Purchasing Teeth Night Guard

The mouthguards are all priced differently, depending on one’s needs there are options available ranging $90-$150+.

All one needs to do is obtain a dental impression kit (sent by the manufacturer) and then subsequently send back the kit to the manufacturer. This allows for a perfect mold to be created and then sent back to an individual.

Easiest way to place an order is online on the official website.

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