TBX Free Stop Smoking Aid – Oral Strip Delivery Technology?


TBX-Free Review – Will It Work For You?

Everyone wants to live a long, healthy life. While there are several reasons for this desire, from family members to just enjoying life, the truth is that being healthy is a lot easier said than done. There are so many determents to eating right, exercising well, and getting enough sleep. On top of these stumbling blocks are the dangers that other substances can cause the body, from alcohol to smoking.

Of all the modern health problems in the world, smoking is the one that many people struggle with, even though they know it’s extremely detrimental to their health. The problem with smoking is that it becomes an addictive habit, something that calms and relieves the nerves of those who use it. And, because the actual action of smoking only adds to the addictive ingredients in the cigarettes, those who start are often trapped into continuing the bad habit.

Because everyone knows and understands that smoking is bad for health, many people want to quit the habit. Unfortunately, deciding to quit a habit like smoking and actually quitting it are two entirely different struggles. Because the process of stopping smoking is such a hard one, companies across the country have tried to come up with solutions that make the quitting process a little bit easier. However, often these aids are just as addictive as smoking itself.

TBX-Free was created to offer a natural, carcinogen-free way of combating nicotine cravings. Not only does TBX-Free not contain carcinogens, but it doesn’t contain any of the harmful chemicals and materials that many smoking aids contain, making it one of the healthiest options for those who want to quit smoking.

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What is TBX-Free?

TBX-Free is a stop smoking aid that is able to minimize the cravings of those who are trying to kick cigarettes to the curb. The unique thing about TBX-Free is that instead of being a patch, pill, or gum, it is a small stripe that completely dissolves when put in the mouth. Because TBX-Free is so simple to use and extremely discrete, it offers a wonderful solution to those who want to combat their smoking cravings in an effective and private way.

TBX-Free strips are so effective because they contain an alkaloid called cytisine, also known as baptitoxine or sophorine. This naturally occurring alkaloid works naturally within the body to give users the same sensations they would feel when smoking, but without the harmful chemicals or side effects. And, most importantly for those who want to fight their smoking habit, cytisine has been found to have an 88% success rate when it comes to helping people quit smoking permanently.

While the success of TBX-Free is based on its delivery method as well as its main active ingredient, it’s the way these two points work together that makes TBX-Free such an amazing option for those trying to quit smoking. As mentioned above, TBX-Free comes in a strip form that absorbs in under 25 seconds when placed in the mouth. Because TBX-Free breaks down so quickly, it is able to be absorbed immediately by the bloodstream, getting the cytisine throughout the body as quickly as possible. It’s the speed that TBX-Free works that makes it such an amazing option for those who get hit hard with their cravings.

Once TBX-Free is taken, the cytisine spreads throughout the body, giving users the same feelings they would have if smoking a cigarette. And, because TBX-Free works so fast, it is able to demolish cravings, quickly and effectively. Most importantly, TBX-Free doesn’t contain chemicals and carcinogens which prolong nicotine cravings and make it more difficult to quit. In other words, TBX-Free is able to quickly and naturally fight cigarette cravings without causing any more damage to the body.

Benefits of TBX-Free

Anyone who wants to stop smoking is well aware of the amazing benefits that come from completely kicking the habit. Not only does not smoking improve general health, but it also transforms the bodies of those who used to smoke, clearing and brightening their skin and revitalizing their hair. However, while there are several benefits to not smoking, there are even more benefits to quitting smoking by using TBX-Free.

The first benefit of using TBX-Free is in how quickly it works. Many of the patches, gums, and pills used to combat nicotine cravings take quite a bit of time to make it into the bloodstream. Because of the time it takes for these aids to start working, users are often left dealing with their horrific cravings for long periods of time before they’re given relief. With TBX-Free, this is not the case. Because TBX-Free is immediately absorbed by the body, it is able to combat cravings faster and more effectively, almost instantaneously in many cases.

In addition to fighting day to day cravings quickly, TBX-Free has become popular for how quickly it can get people over their cigarette cravings for good. Options like nicotine patches take long periods of time to get people off cigarettes permanently because they focus on slowly weening people off the chemicals they’ve come to rely on. TBX-Free is like going cold-turkey, but without the withdrawals this method would cause. TBX-Free doesn’t contain any nicotine or carcinogens, despite making users feel like they’re still getting these chemicals. By using cytisine to immediately cut the body off from these dangerous chemicals, TBX-Free is able to get users over their cravings faster than any other method. Many users have found they can completely stop smoking within a month of using TBX-Free.

There are several other benefits that come with using TBX-Free. These benefits are listed below.

  •  Nicotine Free
  •  Tobacco Free
  •  Tar Free
  •  Provides Same Sensations as Nicotine
  •  Suppresses the Appetite
  •  Prevents Withdrawals
  •  Enters the Bloodstream in 25 Seconds
  •  Carcinogen Free
  •  No Ash
  •  No Smoke
  •  No Second-Hand Smoke

And all these amazing benefits come with the easy to use and quick to work TBX-Free strips.

How TBX-Free Works

Because quitting cigarettes is such an arduous process, TBX-Free has made the step by step process for using the product as simple and straightforward as possible. By following the clearly explained steps found on the TBX-Free website (www.TBXFree.com), users will be able to get over their nicotine and cigarette addiction in no time at all, with all the support they could ever need.

First, those who are interested in transforming their lives and quitting for good should start by ordering the TBX-Free 30 day supply. While 30 days is often all people need to truly quit cigarettes when using TBX-Free, another order may be needed for those who have stronger cravings or have been smoking longer.

Once users have purchased their TBX-Free, they should begin taking TBX-Free every day, especially when they feel cravings creeping up on them. Using cytisine, TBX-Free will be able to eliminate cravings by making the body think that it is actually getting the nicotine it usually gets when smoking.

Finally, once users are over their cravings, they can keep some TBX-Free around for when an unexpected craving arises, like during stressful moments or when they’re bored. While it’s normal for people to backslide a bit when it comes to quitting cigarettes, the ingredients in TBX-Free will make smoking cigarettes less pleasurable, so even these mishaps will help deter the cravings.

Purchasing TBX-Free

There are three different purchasing options for those who want to use TBX-Free for quitting smoking today. As mentioned above, many people are able to quit smoking completely within a month of using TBX-Free, but for those who think they might struggle a bit more, it’s better to buy more of the product than to run out and not have enough. It’s recommended that the one month supply only be purchased by those who only smoke a pack or less a day.

The purchasing options for TBX-Free are listed below.

  • 1 Month Supply – $49.95
  • 3 Month Supply – $127.95
  • 6 Month Supply – $239.95

For those who have friends and family members who smoke, the six month supply option is the best, because then users can quit together, creating a support system that is very important for the process.

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  1. Do as someone above suggested and use a Prepaid card from a store, then they wouldn't be able to Force you to buy more by charging your credit card, I may do just that. I hate that dang “Auto enroll garbage.” I'll reorder if I want more.

  2. This product is a rip off. And then later on they ripped another 100 bucks from my account and took 8 days to refund it. As well as lied to me on the phone about it.

  3. There is no local tbx store….duh… but it is also an auto enroll program, so use a prepaid gift card for your first purchase..this site is also not the tbx site, so cussing them does nothing..

    • Carol,
      I am on my 2nd month of chantix and am down to 6 cigs a day verses the ,
      2 pls I smoked, but can't seem to quit for good. I am also on a fixed income so to spend the money on this scares me because of the “if” of this product.

  4. It took longer than advertised to receive the product, but it did arrive. It does not state that it automatically enrolls you in a recurring monthly order. I felt……uncomfortable when I went to the website to purchase. So, I purchased a gift card to place the order. They called and asked if I wanted to update the credit card info, and continue the auto charge. Be weary of any company like this, and never give them your bank information.
    Regarding the product, I'm very hopeful. I've been using it for a week, and have reduced cigarette intake from 12-15 a day, to 4. The cravings are lessened from day one. You still have them, but it's much easier to ignore. I plan on being smoke free by week 2. I know I can with this helping me!

    • Since I really wanted to quit, my start date was the day I ran out if cigarettes. Cold turkey after 40 years at a pack a day. 10 days now,and no craving. Physical habit…Walk away if you start thinking about. Bought it at Amazon.

  5. from the many reviews online, it appears your company is a rip off! That is so sad because I wanted to try your product, because there are a lot of reviews claiming it works also, but because i do not have money to lose to rip off online sales gimmicks I must forgo ordering this product,it is sad everyone is out to scam people out of their money and there is no honesty in the world any more!! Why when so many claim your product works do you have to be so damn greedy, that you have to rip people off…you suck!!!…anyone thinking of ordering this product, be sure to do your homework and check out all sites that have information on thi product, because it appears to be one of those that signs you up for auto pay and then keeps billing your card and not sending you the product, and then refuse to allow you to contact them back to get your auto billing straightened out..so beware!!!!!


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