Tata-Punch – Interactive Fitness Punching Pad Trainer & Smart App?


Intelligent light and voice technology allow Tata-Punch to teach beginner boxers’ basic fighting technique and improve speed, strength, and reaction time in a fun way.

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What Is Tata-Punch?

Boxing is a popular activity for those wishing to increase their physical fitness as a high intensity cardiovascular exercise. While classes are attractive because of a trainer that can push and direct attendees, continuing a boxing practice alone or at home can be challenging.

Initially designed to provide professional boxers with concrete data about their technique and ability, Tata-Punch is a punching pad that is attached to full-size punching bags for interactive training.

Sensors located within the pad receive information about the strength, reaction time, and speed of the user, which is communicated through the Tata-Punch app for users to monitor their progress and improve technique.

A game mode is also possible, which essentially takes users through a workout in a fun way so that training is enjoyable. Light sensors direct users to hit different areas.

Recently unveiled at the press conference following the Chinese Boxing Championship, Tata-Punch has been tested by professional boxers and boxing enthusiasts who gave vital feedback about how the product and app should work.

How Does Tata-Punch Work?

Simply attached the pad to a regular punching bag and begin the workout. Data collected by sensors in the pad is sent through the app for users to measure their strength and increase the effectiveness of their boxing.

Users can choose to go through a game mode, which continually changes the pace of activity, forcing them to increase skill and dexterity in a fun, interactive way.

Both light sensors and voice technology push users to train harder and provide tips for how to improve technique. Its compact design allow for convenient use at home, in the gym, or at a taekwondo hall.

Colors offered include black and gold.

Tata-Punch Modes

  • Free Mode: Completely customizable to suit personal goals and schedules, Free Mode adapts to the user’s exercise requirements.
  • Training Mode: Light up sensors ask users to hit different sections and measure strength, reaction time, and speed.
  • Entertainment Mode: Incorporating music for an engaging and fun workout, multiple users can train together.


Currently Tata-Punch is in the prototype stage through IndieGogo, which raises funds for further development and production.

This product aims to gather $20,000 but is set up as a flexible goal, indicating that the manufacturer will receive and employ whatever funds are raised, even if the goal is not achieved. At the time of writing, $4,061 has been collected with one month left in the campaign.

Consumers can choose between different contribution tiers, which offer discounts off the expected retail price of $399 for one product. Each donation also comes with a one year warranty and unlimited access to the Tata-Punch app:

  • Tata-Punch Super Early Bird: Receive one belt, Tata-Punch, and battery for $169.
  • Tata-Punch Fan: For a donation of $5, consumers will be entered into a draw, in which one out of every 80 contributor will receive the product.

Should You Use Tata-Punch?

Designed for a challenging and interactive boxing experience, Tata-Punch is designed for beginner boxers to get in shape and learn fighting techniques.

For those interested, more information is available at: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/tata-punch-fitness-punching-pad-for-boxers-sports-fitness#/.

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