Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR Baro – Heart Rate Fitness Watch?


What Is Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR Baro?

Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR Baro is a high-end watch manufacturer for athletes. The Spartan collection is one of their newest collections and is designed for people who are very active outdoors with an adventure like mindset. The watches are said to be progressively designed, near beyond logic.

How Do The Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR Baro Work?

They point out that logically people shouldn’t even be here. The chances of being here are so slim. And it’s not logical to be here when most people are basically sleeping. Small progressive steps are not realistic by most people’s standards.

People are taught to be complacent according to the watch makers. They are told you need to rest and stop when it hurts. The Spartan Watch Collection tells us the opposite. Their motto is to ignore the naysayers and to push yourself to the limit, beyond logic so you can be a Spartan.

Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR Baro is designed for the athlete who lives life of adventure and needs a watch that can stand up to the physical trials of hard work. The Spartan Suunto GPS watches are designed to work in conjunction with mobile aps for the iPhone and Android systems.

You’ll be able to find the latest updates online or through your app. And there are a ton of different resources for you if you use the watch to further the support of your athletic journey. They want you t to get the maximum experience out of your Suunto Spartan.

The watches are high end but not ridiculous when it comes to pricing. The Suunto Spartan Ultra for example is $699. The Sport Wrist HR/Baro is $499/$549. The traditional sport is $399 and the Trainer Wrist HR is $279. You can do quite a bit with the watches. For Example, the Titanium line have the following specs:

  • The Wathes ar GPS tracked for adventure and to work across multiple sports.
  • They have a battery life up to 26hours even while training.
  • There is an outdoor-grade color touch screen.
  • Each watch is made of tough Titanium 5 / steel bezel, sapphire glass for maximum durability.
  • Watches measure barometric altitude and are resistant to 100 m.
  • There is a GPS/Glonass route navigation with POIs and an easy to view breadcrumb view.
  • The watches are designed for sports support and expert tracking for more than eighty different sports
  • They are ideal for racing and interval use
  • And the training metrics recorder is ideal for measuring insights and progress with included tools.

Where Can I Buy Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR Baro

You can buy the watches at There are a ton of other watches on the website as well.

The Bottom Line On Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR Baro

If you’re a competitive athlete or want to improve your fitness, then Suunto is the watch maker for you. These watches are ideal for adventure seekers and are affordable. They’re designed to be tough, durable and to last through the harshest conditions.

If you’re serious about improvement and tracking progress, then pick up a Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR Baro. The Spartan line is one of their newest lines designed specifically for professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts. They’re great for divers and swimmers alike.

Mountain climbers, extreme hikers and cyclists will love the Suunto Spartan line. The titanium line of Spartan watches are the cream of the crop and range in price from $749 – $970. Even with that pricetag they are still potential watches for most people and will last you for years. The other watches like the Sport HR/Baro series don’t have the same battery life as the Titanium line but still have the other specs and are great watches too.

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