Super Sprout Blueberry Powder – Nutrient Rich Organic Complex?


Blueberries, are among the top superfoods know to us. A fruit, powerful enough to potentially help you lower cholesterol, reduce your risks of heart diseases and other illnesses, even cancer. Responsible for also, enhancing your mood – sounding pretty super, right?

We are becoming more aware of how our diet can alter how we feel, things we contract, or enable us to fight off certain conditions– but sometimes, consuming the right foods or combinations can be difficult. This is where Super Sprout Blueberry Powder can help.

Conveniently packaged so that you can sprinkle it, add it, swirl it even into drinks, foods, soups, etc. Anywhere you would use fruits or vegetables, the Super Sprout Blueberry Powder belongs.

Where Does Super Sprout Blueberry Powder Come From?

The blueberries used to formulate this powder, are 100% Australian and are sourced through Australian Organic Farmers – resulting in, 100% pure blueberry powder. Can you imagine eating 226 blueberries in one sitting? Probably not – but with one tablespoon of the blueberry powder, you are doing just that.

Imagine the health benefits that go along with that?

Super Sprout Blueberry Benefits

  • Antioxidants – in fact, one of the highest sources compared to other fruits
  • Carotenoids and Flavonoids – Beneficial to your health, and contained within the cultivated blueberries
  • Neutralize free radicals
  • Vitamins and Minerals: Vitamin C, E, A, Selenium, Phosphorus and Zinc
  • 100% pure
  • Convenient

There are no additional ingredients in this super blueberry powder – no fillers, additives, preservatives, etc. Specifically, it is a freeze-dried product.

The changes and tweaks you make in your diet and overall wellness today, will have your future self, thanking you – in many ways. Aside from lowering your risk of heart disease and cancer, as if that wasn’t enough – blueberries are also commonly known for the anti-inflammatory properties. And, as we know, inflammation is often the driver in all chronic diseases.

There’s also been discussion that blueberries, given their ability to neutralize free radicals, work to also protect our DNA. As we know, DNA damage is part of the reason we grow older, inside and out, and plays a role in developing more serious diseases – so consuming this superfood – blueberries – does not just neutralize potential damage, but protect us from it.

Another benefit, that doesn’t get enough attention, is their ability to maintain brain function and improve your memory. Blueberries appear, to have the antioxidant benefits to promote such function and assist in delaying age-relate decline in health, specifically in our brains. These types of studies available proved to be exceptionally beneficial to post-menopausal women.

Let’s Get Physical

Although there is a lot of discussion, in general and even above, of the overall health benefits of blueberries – more specifically to diseases and prevention of such. Another great benefit however, is that blueberries may help reduce muscle damage after a tough workout.

This is a direct result of the anti-inflammatory properties we discussed earlier. The Super Sprout Blueberry Powder, may in fact work to reduce damage that occurs as the molecular level minimizing soreness and prevent any limitations in muscle performance.

Ready To Order?

The Super Sprout Blueberry Powder is available for purchase online through Natural Health 365 store. It is available in a 150g container for $31.95. One serving size is 12g, or one tablespoon.

Super Sprout Blueberry Powder Review Summary

Lastly, but certainly not least, this superfood can potentially have anti-diabetic effects. What’s interesting is that although blueberries are ranked moderate in sugar, their bioactive compounds appear to in fact, outweigh the impact of the sugar.

Because blueberries have anthocyanins, it works to have beneficial effects on insulin sensitivity and glucose metabolism.

Who knew these little powerhouse berries could be so beneficial – let along packaged conveniently for everyday use through products like this one.

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