SunBasket – Convenient Meals To Your Front Door?


SunBasket Review – Should You Try It?

SunBasket is a company that offers grocery boxes that contain a pre-selected menu with all the ingredients you need to make the recipes at home. This is our review.

What is SunBasket?

Making healthy meals for the family is much easier said than done. You have to find the right recipes, check to find what you need, and then brave the crowds at the grocery store. If you want to just relax and have a night in, you may still have to make a trip to a fast food drive-thru, which is neither healthy nor cost efficient. You need to find a way to get healthy meals on the table, but without spending your entire week focusing on getting to the store. Luckily, SunBasket has a solution.

SunBasket makes it easy to bring healthy meals to your dinner table on any night of the week. The company lets you choose from a variety of different menus, and then sends you everything you need to create those meals at home. All of the ingredients sent to you are organic and non-GMO. Essentially, this program makes healthy eating a no-brainer.

All of the ingredients come from farms on the Pacific Coast, and feature the USDA organic seal. All of the produce and meat are sustainability sourced from antibiotic-free environments, maintaining a certain level of quality. The head chef at SunBasket, Chef Justine Kelly, works alongside the farmers in the area to help create meals that are based off of their crops.

Menu Options

You have multiple options when it comes to selecting a set of meals that meets your dietary requirements and preferences. You can choose from Chef’s Choice, Rise & Shine, Paleo, Gluten-Free, or Vegetarian.

Chef’s Choice

The Chef’s Choice menu is based on Chef Justine’s personal favorites of the week. Like all of the other menus, you get seasonal ingredients.

Rise & Shine

Rise & Shine is much different from the rest of the menu options. With this program, you get two of the Chef’s Choice dinners, but you also get two breakfast recipes, which take five minutes or less to prepare. The price is the same as the other plans, but is great for consumers that want to add breakfast meals to their repertoire of food skills.


A Paleo diet is based on finding ingredients that are pure and healthy, while also being low in carbohydrates. This package includes sustainably sourced meat and seafood, which is great for consumers that are new to cooking or have a very sensitive palate.


Many people nowadays are allergic to gluten or have found a way to diet that helps them lose more weight without gluten. All of these recipes offer balanced meals for anyone, while keeping gluten out of the mix.


All of these recipes are free of meat, and the package includes three different dinners. However, this menu is not a vegan menu, so stricter dietary requirements will not be meat with these products.

How Does SunBasket Work?

The process is incredibly easy to get and use the delicious meals offered by SunBasket. Every week, you are able to determine the next set of meals you are going to get. Depending on your dietary needs, you may choose from a variety of meals that accommodate those restrictions. You can order your specific meals about 10 days from the day it should be delivered.

Once you receive your box, you can get cooking right away. The meals are portioned to accommodate a specific group of people, while also balancing the nutrition that each person needs. This is much easier than the guesswork that often goes into grocery shopping, when you don’t know what you’re buying.

Follow along with the included instructions to make each meal. Even though the ingredients come from SunBasket, the execution of the meal is up to you.

Using SunBasket

You receive weekly shipments with all of the ingredients you need for an amazing meal. All of the meal plans are fairly flexible, which means that all you have to worry about is cooking. The ingredients are even measured out for you, which means you don’t have to worry about finding (or buying) measuring spoons and cups.

The recipes included in your box will give all of the instructions you need for every ingredient, which can help transform you into someone with a solid set of cooking skills.

When the package arrives, all of your food is carefully packaged to give you 8 hours of freshness. Right now, you can have your package delivered on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, but the company is working hard to expand the deliveries to more days. At this time, you can get the boxes delivered in most states and most zip codes, but you should speak with the customer service department to make sure you can have the box delivered to you.

All you need is 30 minutes to create an entire meal with the ingredients you’ve been shipped. That’s quicker than many drive-thrus are able to process your order, and it is much healthier than the alternative options.

Pricing for SunBasket

Your total cost will vary, based on how many meals you select. However, the base price for every meal is $11.49 each. This means, you will pay a weekly total for however many meals you order that week.

You will also be charged a fee of $5.99 for each shipment. However, as a way for SunBasket to thank you for enrolling in their program, you will have this fee waived on your first shipment.

You choose between two menus – one that is planned for two people, or one that is planned for a group of four. You can choose from several meal plans, which will dictate the type of food that SunBasket offers you.

There is no penalty for skipping a week or cancelling a program entirely, if necessary.

Contacting SunBasket

While there is a FAQ page for many of your questions, it’s always possible you will have other questions about the program or the meals. The only method of communication is through email, which will need to be submitted on the website. According to their Contact page, their representatives will respond to the email during business hours within 24 hours.

This 24-hour response varies on some holidays.


SunBasket sets itself apart by being a healthy solution that accommodates a variety of different dietary needs and preferences. While you can’t get a completely vegan meal, their menu opens up a world of possibilities for consumers that have to limit carbohydrates, gluten, or other foods.

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