Strechcordz Kick Trainer – Resistance Workout Tool For Swimmers?


Swimming is a great way to get in some cardio and a full body workout. It works to tone one’s arms and legs, enhances one’s ability to have control over his or her body and improves one’s endurance and strength.

Today there is a better way to efficiently swim, while enhancing one’s overall health and this is done through the use of the Strechcordz Kick Trainer.

The Strechcordz Kick Trainer ultimately provides resistance to one’s legs during kick sets, promotes ankle recovery from breaststroke kicks and further enhances resistance to one’s abs during dolphin kicks.

It is the newest of its kind and this review will look closely at this respective product in terms of its purpose, its features, how to use it and its affordability.

What Is The Strechcordz Kick Trainer?

The Strechcordz Kick Trainer looks similar to a resistance band and is used when one swims. This would make great use for those who do continuous laps than those who float about for leisure purposes.

The purpose of this product is to add resistance to one’s overall body, which includes one’s legs, arms, glutes and abdominals. For swimmers who are familiar with kick sets, breaststroke kicks and dolphin kicks, this product is definitely beneficial, as it sculpts one’s overall physique and promotes one’s ability to better their swimming techniques.

What Are The Features Of The Strechcordz Kick Trainer?

The following is a list of features one can expect when purchasing the Strechcordz Kick Trainer:

  • Includes two nylon shoulder harnesses
  • Includes two adjustable foot harnesses
  • Two 20 inches (50 cm) tubes
  • Typically comes in five different resistance levels
  • Helps enhance one’s swim kicks, improves one’s breaststroke techniques and develops one’s abs

Most products come in a wide range of colors and serves no purpose, but rather comes as a preference of choice for consumers. With resistance bands, the color shown reflects one’s strength and abilities to a specific resistance level. For instance, silver is 3 to 8lb, yellow is 5 to 14lb, green is 8 to 24lb, red is 12 to 31lb, and blue is 14 to 34lb.

How To Use The Strechcordz Kick Trainer?

Using the Strechcordz Kick Trainer takes as little as a couple of minutes. Consumers simply need to insert both feet into the two adjustable foot harnesses and arms into their respective shoulder harnesses.

When the left foot is inserted into its respective harness, one must put their right arm into the right shoulder harness. The same applies to the opposite arm and leg. When the Strechcordz Kick Trainer is worn, it must form an “x” or a criss cross on one’s back, otherwise it becomes of no use.

How Much Does The Strechcordz Kick Trainer Cost?

The original price of the Strechcordz Kick Trainer is approximately $59, but many providers offer it for as little as $39, excluding shipping. This may seem like an expensive tool for swimming, but in reality it is worth it given that it has the ability to enhance one’s overall body structure and performance.

Strechcordz Kick Trainer Summary Review

No matter what sport of activity takes part in, improvement is a must, otherwise one cannot grow. With the use of the Strechcordz Kick Trainer, not only will swimmers see a growth in terms of the different swimming techniques they’ve gotten used to, but also a positive change in one’s respective bodies.

Furthermore, this tool only provides swimmers with challenges, as there are 5 different resistance levels to tackle, making swimming far more fun and interesting. For more information on the Strechcordz Kick Trainer, go to:

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