Stop Sciatica In 8 Minutes Review – Complete Relief In Just 7 Days?


For the millions of sufferers of Sciatica worldwide, finding a cure can seem like an impossible task. While there is no shortage of self-proclaimed experts that state they have found the perfect remedy, the quality of their products differ as widely as their results. One such product that has received particular attention over the past few years is Stop Sciatica in 8 Minutes.

What Is Sciatica In 8 Minutes?

Stop Sciatica in 8 Minutes is sold as an ebook as well as a physical hardcover book. Half of the book contains useful information about sciatica taken from a medical perspective, with a particular focus on the anatomy and pathology behind what causes sciatica. The other half of the book’s content is based on known medical treatments for the disease.

Skeptical buyers will be pleased to know that the author shows a keen understanding of the medical facts that relate to sciatica. This helps gives the author, and the book credibility, especially for later chapters where proposed remedies and cures can be found.

All of the book’s proposed remedies are scientifically sound, with the author listing all remedies available from drugs to surgery to treat sciatica. The book even takes a step further with its recommendations of natural cures for the sickness, something which is recommended for long-term recovery.

Does It Really Work In Eight Minutes?

The title of the book is indeed generally accurate in relation to how one can cure sciatica in eight minutes. However, it could be seen as misleading, as one needs to spend eight minutes a day over several days. But most rational people understand that it would be impossible to cure sciatica in eight minutes as a once off treatment anyway.

Realistically, the treatments in the book would require one to apply them for eight minutes a day for about two weeks to get the best results. This alone is a big claim to make when one considers that the book does not recommend traditional shortcuts such as drugs and surgery, there is also no mention of exercise or physical therapy – although keeping active is recommended by the author.

How Do The Treatments Work?

As stated previously, the author exclusively recommends a type of physical therapy that one can do from the comfort of the living room. There is no need to see a physical therapist, or to consume an unknown formula that could be dangerous to one’s health. The treatment leverages the body’s natural healing process as the core treatment for sciatica.

Pros and Cons of the Book

Based from the reviews online, the weaknesses of the book can be seen as minor, or even trivial in comparison to the reported benefits of the treatment. In any case, the treatment at first is reportedly not easy to adjust to. The other inconvenience is that it does require a significant effort on behalf of the patient to ensure their results.

On the other hand, the benefits of the product are numerous. The book goes into great depth about natural cures of sciatica, as well as their history and the scientific basis to support the treatments the book proposes. It doesn’t leave the reader wondering if the book’s claims are valid or not. Secondly, the book goes into detail about the treatments, and warns of potential pitfalls that the patient may experience when attempting the procedures.

About the Author

Stop Sciatica in 8 Minutes was was authored by Steven Guo. Guo spent many years prior to writing the book studying sciatica treatments. He spent much of his time researching how one can treat and remove sciatica via natural means, without drugs or expensive surgeries. Steven Guo is a certified treatment researcher, and his cures have helped more than 6,000 people worldwide since 2007.

What is The Sciatica Nerve?

The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve that can be found in the human body. It begins in the lumbar spinal cord, with nerve endings that stretch from the lower back to the glutes. The pain from sciatica quickly changes from dull to sharp, and can be felt all over the body. The pain is caused by the roots being irritated. Additionally, standing or sitting for too long in the same position is known to worsen the sensation of pain.

Pressure to the sciatic nerve is the most common cause of pain in sufferers of sciatica. It should be noted that the illness is usually a symptom of other problems, with the end result manifesting in sciatica. Many sufferers thus test numerous ways of feeling better.

The most common causes of sciatica are injuries, tumours and infections found inside the spine. As the sciatic nerve controls most of the muscles in the lower body, pain from these conditions are often felt acutely in the small of the back, hips and legs.

What Are People Saying?

There are many testimonials that can be found on the Stop Sciatica in 8 Minutes website, with most of the reported users of the system claiming significant results in just a few weeks of using the system. The average time it took for most users of the book to see results is one week. After reading the book and applying the recommended remedies, users of the system reported feeling pain free, happier and healthier.

However, there were also some negative comments that could be found about the products. Most of the negative reviewers expressed that they were hoping for a more extraneous cure for sciatica, which in this case means the use of drugs, supplements or surgery. The distribution between positive and negative reviews were weighed strongly in favor of the product.

The Bottom Line – Is Stop Sciatica In 8 Minutes Legitimate?

The product is not a magic pill that guarantees success, nor does it mean that one does not need to do anything on their part to relieve their symptoms of sciatica. The product fulfills its promise through suggesting some simple remedies that conceivably anyone can do from the comfort of their homes. The science is valid and results are reported in as little as one week.

In conclusion, one would be hard pressed to find a more reliable product than Stop Sciatica in 8 minutes. As long as one is not expecting a miracle cure.

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