Staunch Nation BCAA + HYDRATION – Healthy Recovery Complex?


While there are many products available in the market to enhance energy levels, improve muscle mass, there are relatively few supplements which work towards improving the recovery rate and hydration capacity of our bodies. Post-Workout recovery is often overlooked, but can in many cases cause immense harm to our bodies if not given adequate attention.

Also, when the body is not able to regenerate, recuperate effectively, the benefits of the workout/ exercise can be greatly diminished. Thus, many experts recommend the use of certain compounds, vitamins, minerals immediately after a gruelling workout session, so as to increase the oxygen transfer rate to our tired muscles and tendons.

When there is ample oxygen and blood reaching our tired tissues, we can experience a wide variety of developmental benefits which allow us to become stronger, more powerful and even improve our overall stamina.

About Staunch Nation BCAA + HYDRATION

In its bare essence, Staunch Nation BCAA + HYDRATION is an all new health supplement that has been infused with clinical portions of BCAA and other Hydration agents. The formula is clinically validated, and has been descried by many media outlets as the ‘perfect recovery and hydration complex’.

From a compositional standpoint, the product is ideal for daily use as all of the core components in the mix are natural and have been validated through immense testing. Lastly, there are also many studies which users can check out before making a substantial purchase.

Some of the key uses of Staunch include:

Muscle Fatigue Alleviation:

The core use of this supplement is to reduce muscle fatigue through the elimination of harmful compounds like Lactic acid. When the neural pathways our our body are functioning at a high level, the onset of fatigue can be delayed, and hence the user can push his/her body to the max.


There are certain agents in the mix which have been identified as potent means of increasing our stamina and overall endurance levels. This results in improved workouts on the user's end.


One of the most overlooked issues in the health and fitness community is the fact that our cells get fatigued and thus lose a lot of their water content. The core components of Staunch allow for the optimal hydration of our cells so that they can function at a high rate.

Intra Workout Mix:

The supplement can be used as an intra workout mix. This essentially means that the solution can be sipped during the course of our training, thereby allowing us to greatly enhance our stamina, vitality and overall performance levels easily.

Staunch Nation BCAA + HYDRATION Compositional Details

Some of the core ingredients which make the supplement highly useful include:

Coconut Water:

This is one of nature's most potent hydration agents. When used regularly, it has the potential to greatly improve our cellular aqueous content. Also, clinical data has shown that each serving of this water complex contains easily digested carbohydrates in the form of sugar and electrolytes.


These compounds are scientifically referred to as Branched Chain Amino Acids and are well known for triggering protein synthesis mechanisms within our bodies. The three primary BCAA’s include leucine, isoleucine, and valine.

They are ideal for people with low dietary protein intake and have been clinically shown to promote muscle protein synthesis and increase muscle growth over time.


It is essentially a derivative of Alanyl Glutamine. This compound is specially derived through special means and is a stable form of glutamine. When used regularly, it has the potential to increase energy release and enhance muscle endurance.

Staunch Nation BCAA + HYDRATION Review Summary

Each bottle of Staunch Nation BCAA + HYDRATION contains 30 servings which should ideally last users for at least a month. There are 2 flavours to choose from, namely White Grape and Strawberry Coconut. A single unit is available for a reasonable price of $34.00, but upon purchase of 3 bottles a discount of $8 can be obtained.

All orders can be placed on the official webpage of the manufacturer, and payments can be completed using a host of safe means like PayPal, Maestro and Visa.

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