SPIRITUS Proformance – Silver & Infrared Activewear Fitness Apparel?


When it comes to training, wearing the right type of clothing is fundamental, as it eliminates any form of distraction and maximizes one’s comfort levels. Unfortunately, not all fabrics used help consumers complete their training, as one may be drenched in sweat, giving off unpleasant odors and may feel a sense of discomfort. Proformance claims to reverse such concerns while enhancing one’s overall experience when training.

Designed in a simplistic manner, Proformance may work to boost one’s energy levels, induce cell recovery, eliminate odor, and regulate one’s overall body temperature. After having read this review consumers will have a better insight on the Proformance in terms of its purpose, the materials and technology used, and its associated benefits.

About SPIRITUS Proformance

SPIRITUS Proformance is a line of active wear suitable for those who take part in vigorous training or any other active lifestyles. It is designed in a way that fits smoothly against one’s body, and enhances one’s ability to move efficiently. While it is promoted as an active wear, its sleek design also complements different types of clothing for any given occasion.

What Went Into The Making Of The Proformance?

SPIRITUS Proformance is made up of a high-tech fabric, which is the result of the combination of Silver Technology and Infrared Technology.

Sweat is naturally odorless, what creates the unpleasant odor is when sweat is mixed with different types of textiles. The Silver Technology, which is powered by XT2, contains odor protection that keeps one’s active wear fresh from start to finish. In addition, it claims to kill up to 99.9% bacteria and dry up one’s active wear 35% faster than the standard use of polyester.

According to Spiritus, almost 60% of consumed energy is lost through body heat. To prevent this event, the Proformance uses Infrared Technology. With the Infrared Technology embedded in the Proformance, body heat is converted into infrared energy, which may lead to improved blood circulation, recovered energy and cell regeneration.

What Is The End Result Of Using The Proformance?

Based on Spiritus’ use of technology and efficient fabrics, consumers may experience the following claimed benefits:

  • Reduced recovery time
  • Improved athletic performance
  • Long lasting freshness
  • Ensures one’s body temperature is kept at optimal range
  • Made with Ultra-Violet Protection

Is SPIRITUS Proformance A Worthwhile Line Of Active Wear?

Compared to its competitors, Spiritus has taken a step further by targeting many downsides associated with training and one’s comfort levels. Their innovative use of technology has resulted in a newly elevated line of active wear. Fortunately, its design allows consumers to wear it for more than just training purposes.

Proformance carries active wear for both men and women. Women can choose between a cropped sports bra, leggings, and tanks while men are offered tights, t-shirts, and tanks. Many consumers have been against wearing black, especially when the sun is out because it allows heat to trap itself into one’s clothing, which increases one’s bodily temperature. Spiritus has taken care of it by also including UV protection.

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