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For most adults, the daily cup of coffee is essential for starting the day off right. Although there is an ongoing debate on whether or not coffee is good for the body, there have been studies that show that the caffeine in coffee contains antioxidants that are responsible for improving cognitive function. Although the controversy lives on, the newest wave of scientific data has shown that coffee lovers may actually be making health life choices.

As mentioned above, studies show that coffee contains antioxidants. Antioxidants are vital to the body because they interact and neutralize free radicals that are produced through oxidation, known to damage cells. When the body cells are exposed to oxygen throughout the day, they experience oxidization. Once oxidation occurs, the chemicals in the body become altered and become free radicals. Because environmental factors are also a constant variable, exposure to alcohol, pollution, and cigarette smoke are also potential causes for the production of free radicals.

Although the body naturally produces free radicals and releases them into the bloodstream, there are not nearly enough naturally occurring antioxidants to adequately prevent the damage that they can cause. Free radicals are responsible for damaging cells after affecting proteins, lipids, and DNA that are all likely to trigger a variety of diseases including hypertension, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, Parkinson’s, and speed up the aging process.

In addition to containing antioxidants, caffeine also improves an improvement in short-term memory. By boosting brain activity, coffee consumption can help with preventing cognitive decline associate with Alzheimer’s disease and various types of dementia. Coffee also supports heart health, decreases the risk of endometrial cancer in women, reduces the risk of developing type II diabetes, improves liver function, enhances exercise performance and stamina, activates neurotransmitters that control mood, increasing serotonin levels, and guards the body against developing gout.

For coffee lovers who are wanting to transform their morning routine, Spinn Coffee is a revolutionary 8-in-1 coffee machine that features a centrifugal force that is generated by the rapidly spinning brew chamber. Mimicking other traditional brew methods such as French Press, espresso, and American-style filtered coffee, the Spinn Coffee machine has transformed coffee.

About Spinn Coffee Maker

For those who are tired of their old coffee makers, Spinn offers a fun and alternative option that does not create any waste or mess. This countertop brewed is convenient, sleek, and environmentally conscious. Co-founder of Spinn Coffee, Roderick de Rode, has an impressive and extensive background in the world of technology. His partner, Roland Verbeek, happened to have a patent on a coffee machine that brewed coffee using centrifugal force. They began to brainstorm and eventually the idea for Spinn was born.

After finalizing on ideas, they created a machine that offered and innovative way to brew coffee by offering connectivity through user’s smartphone. Starting off with just the two of them, and an idea well on its way, the Spinn Coffee team began production. Currently, the Spinn Coffee team is comprised of 12 individuals.

Spinn Coffee promises customers that their high-tech features will change the world of coffee. By appealing to coffee lovers and modernists, Spinn Coffee has paired their machine with a smartphone app that allows users to find and buy from national and local independent bean roasters.

Not only offering better coffee, the Spinn machine only uses beans. Without the use of filters, capsules, or pods, there is no potential for environmental waste. Their bean-only machine is not only environmentally friendly but it is also more cost effective. Currently, Spinn Coffee is on the last leg of their journey and is yet to officially launch their machine. A working prototype of Spinn has been seen at a variety of events and trade shows.

How Spinn Coffee Maker Works

Although awaiting the official reveal, the company has provided the public with detailed information on how the brewing machine works. As mentioned previously, the Spinn Coffee machine operates using centrifugal force. Centrifugal force occurs when mass is forced away from the rotating center of a spinning object.

To prepare for a brew, the Spinn Coffee machine keeps the beans in the airtight cylinder specially designed to keep them fresh. On the machine’s backside, there is a reservoir when the water is kept. Both the water and cylinder need to be refilled and replenishes regularly, however, the company has stated that they are hoping to add an automatic water refilling feature in the future.

In order to begin the brewing process, users must just simply select what style coffee they would like. The Spinn Coffee machine then grinds the beans to the specified coarseness of the chosen setting. After that, the grounds are then released into the cylinder where they can brew while sitting, being moved, or spinning at different speeds. The last and final option moves hot water through the grounds in a specific way that stimulates the pressured brewing method just like an espresso machine.

To create the different styles, the Spinn Coffee machine utilizes eight parameters that are found in the brewer. The machine is able to combine an extremely fund grind with a smaller amount of water in order to mimic espresso style coffee or “rock” the grounds before spinning in order to achieve a French press style brew. Avoiding any mess, the machine drains the grounds of any water before shooting them out, moving the dry grains into a waster container.

The Spinn Coffee Maker Technology and Features

As mentioned previously, the Spinn Coffee machine offers high-tech features, such as the built-in sensors that are designed to connect with a smartphone through the Spinn app. The app is available for purchase on a mobile marketplace and also works as a remote for the Spinn machine. By using the Spinn app, users can shop and purchase from national roasters. In addition to shopping, Spinn users can use the app to add selections to a list. If the Spinn machine runs low on coffee, the app will automatically order more beans and they will be delivered straight to the door.

In addition to ordering coffee beans, the Spinn app also allows users to remote start the Spinn machine, set a brewing timer, set a barista mode, adjust brewing settings, and exploring brew recipes. This innovative app allows users to open the app and brew their coffee while lying in bed. For those who live in a house full of coffee lovers, the Spinn Coffee machine is able to produce six types at a time – avoiding the fight over the first brew.

Although the Spinn Coffee machine is designed to replace the other coffee makers, it does not take up a vast amount a space. Designed to be sleek and minimalistic, the machine stands at approximately 17 ‘’ by 7’’. Although it features an endless list of capabilities, it is important that future users realize that the Spinn machine does not steam milk. For those wanting lattes, cappuccinos, and other coffee drinks that use milk, they will need to purchase a separate device – a milk frother.

Purchasing Spinn Coffee Machine

Because the Spinn Coffee machine is not on the market yet, it is only available for pre-order. Although the official retail price is not listed on the website, experts estimate that the machine will approximately cost $499. For those wanting to pre-order a Spinn, they should pledge their support to the Spinn crowdfunding campaign. Further information can be found on their website (www.Spinn.com).

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