Species Nutrition Amino Evolved – Fermented BCAA Amino Acids?


Species Nutrition Amino Evolved is a branched chain amino acid (BCAA) formula that contains 6g of essential aminos including 4g of BCAAs per serving. The supplement is sold through the Species Nutrition website and can be purchased for $34.99.

Features of Species Nutrition Amino Evolved

BCAAs are helpful in the creation of lean muscle mass, and may be also used during intense periods of training to help reduce fat stores.

Therefore, it could be said that Species Nutrition Amino Evolved works in three ways to help its users reach their fitness while at the gym:

  • May induce the growth of lean muscle mass
  • Could improve the user’s endurance
  • May speed up recovery for tired and sore muscles

Users are directed to mix 1 scoop of Amino Evolved with 8 to 12 ounces of cold water or their preferred beverage. The ideal number of servings for Amino Evolved is twice per day, before, during, or after their workouts.

The effects of Amino Evolved can reportedly be felt and seen within 3 to 4 weeks of consistent ingestion.

Benefits of Species Nutrition Amino Evolved

Some of the most significant benefits of amino acid supplements include eliminating fatigue, increasing fat loss, boosting cognitive function, reducing inflammation, and speeding up muscle development, extending endurance and encouraging repair processes.

These may help to decrease inflammation in muscles and joints, which allows longer and more productive workouts, but it can be helpful for non-athletes too. Ensuring that you have enough BCAAs will help to prevent the inflammation associated with arthritis, diabetes, liver conditions and other common ailments.

Avoid Muscle Damage

When you work out, it does cause damage to your muscles, however that is usually repaired during your recovery period, resulting in muscle growth. Amino acid supplements, particularly BCAAs, can help prevent this damage to your muscles by providing the resources for healthy protein synthesis.

Boost Immune Abilities

Although tryptophan is an essential amino acid, it is a precursor to serotonin in the body, a “feel good” neurotransmitter that can slow down your mental quickness. By utilizing amino acid supplements, you can make sure that there are enough BCAAs in your own system, which will prevent your body from generating extra tryptophan.

Should you feel mentally “foggy” in the afternoons, then you might be suffering from a rush of tryptophan and the resultant sense of psychological relaxation.

When our body depletes our glycogen stores, it becomes exhausted, resulting in that craving for an afternoon rest. But, research has shown that a boost in BCAAs and other amino acids during the day helps your body keep glycogen more effectively and utilize it at a lesser rate, meaning that you have greater endurance to your day, whether you are exercising or not.

Improve Muscle Development

Possibly most significant for men and women who frequently utilize amino acid supplements is their effect on muscle growth. Leucine and the other two BCAAs are closely connected with stimulating protein synthesis after a workout, as your muscles will have an ample supply of fresh resources to boost muscle growth.

Interestingly enough, studies show that amino acid supplements may even improve muscle growth in regions of the body that aren't being exercised.

Accelerate Healing

Protein is also essential for recovery and repair. Therefore, following an accident, illness, surgery or intense exercise, a rise in amino acid supplements is extremely beneficial, as it can accelerate protein synthesis, and so the speed of healing in the body.

Species Nutrition Amino Evolved Summary

Species Nutrition Amino Evolved contains a blend of essential and nonessential amino acids that can contribute to faster gains at the gym, protect the muscles from damage, and may accelerate the healing process.

The blend of ingredients used in Amino Evolved are first tested in a GMP certified facility to ensure their safety and effectiveness, and can be safely used in a “stack” of other supplements, such as whey protein.

More details about the supplement can be seen on the company’s website, including the full ingredient breakdown.

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