South Beach Skin Lab – Dr. Ryan Shelton’s Repair & Release Cream?


South Beach Skin Lab is the creator of the Repair and Release Cream, helping consumers to wash away years of age from their face with consistent use. You can get greater discounts on your purchase by ordering multiple jars of the cream at once.

What is the South Beach Skin Lab?

The process of aging is an unrelenting one. Even as early as your 40’s, you start to notice changes in the way your brain processes different bits of information, but these differences are the subtlest.

Unfortunately, there’s no way you can hide the obvious appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on your face, even with the right makeup.

Rather than trying to cover up the impact that each birthday has had on your face, you can treat it with products from the South Beach Skin Lab instead.

The South Beach Skin Lab is responsible for creating a high-quality moisturizer called Repair and Release Cream. This cream is meant to soothe your skin from the physical appearance of aging. In fact, if you make it a regular part of your routine, you can:

  • Reduce the appearance of current wrinkles and fine lines
  • Prevent additional wrinkles from forming
  • Even out your complexion

A high number of consumers don’t take care of their skin properly, which leads to wrinkles appearing much sooner than expected.

Without a skincare routine, you’re more likely to turn to injections and facelifts for a temporary relief of the sight of wrinkles.

However, these methods stretch out skin that should not be stretched, and they cannot help you nourish your complexion. Luckily, the Repair and Release cream can help.

How Does the South Beach Skin Lab Formula Work?

As with all skincare products, the formula can only be judged by the ingredients that are included to help you eliminate the appearance of aging. South Beach Skin Lab uses:

  • Evening Primrose Flower Extract, Licorice Extract, Grape Seed Extract, Green Tea Seed Extract, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Olive Fruit Oil, and Shea Butter, to improve your skin’s hydration
  • Matrixyl 3000, which manipulates the brain to improve your body’s natural production of collagen and elastin
  • Argireline NP™, which contains three different amino acids to contain the movements of facial muscles
  • Syn-Ake™, which restricts the muscle movements in your face like a topical Botox remedy

Each ingredient is necessary to the smoothing of wrinkles, but the full list can be found on the label for the cream. With this combination of ingredients, you can look and feel years younger in just a month.

Using the Repair and Release Cream

You don’t have to change much of your regular routine to involve the use of this cream by the South Beach Skin Lab.

All you need to do is apply it to your skin in the morning and the evening, massaging it fully into your skin.

Most moisturizers for your face require that you wash your face first. During both the day and night, your skin can pick up dirt particles, while your pores become clogged with oils and dead skin cells.

By washing your face, you can clear off these excess substances, giving your skin a healthy surface to nourish.

Pricing for the Repair and Release Cream

Rather than just having a flat rate for the Repair and Release cream, you are given three different package options that come with different discounts for higher quantities.

For the single package, you receive one jar for $49.00. Per the website, this is a $61.00 discount off the typical retail value. By using this amount of the cream, you can expect up to two years of your age to melt away.

To order two bottles, you will pay $43.00 for each one, which is a total of $86.00 for your order. This pricing is a discount of $67.00 per bottle, for a total savings of $134.00. With two jars, you can erase five years from your face.

The most popular package is the three-bottle offer, giving you each bottle for $39.00. The total cost of the package is $117.00, which is a total of $183.00 in savings. The reason this package may be so commonly purchase could be due to the promise to eliminate ten years from your complexion.

No matter how much of the product you decide to purchase, they are covered by a 60-day money back guarantee. Basically, if the cream doesn’t give you the results that you expect or want, you can return the merchandise for a full refund. However, you are responsible for the cost of shipping it.

Contacting the Creators of the Repair and Release Cream

Even though the website has quite a bit of information about the Repair and Release cream, you may still have other questions.

Luckily, the customer service team can be reached by making a phone call to 1-877-557-6349. The department is available on weekdays from 9:00am to 6:00pm EST.

South Beach Skin Lab Review Summary

With the South Beach Skin Lab and the Repair and Release cream, you hold the power to take control of the way your skin will look as you age.

Regardless of your birthdate, this company believes that you should be able to have confidence in your appearance. By giving yourself the opportunity to partake in this remedy, you can restore the beautiful glow that you had in years past.

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