SmoothTech Pro – Complete Hair Removal System For Men?


The SmoothTech Pro System is Designed to help you eliminate any skin irritation that happens as a result of shaving and ingrown hairs. Read this review to find out about the SmoothTech Pro System today!

What is SmoothTech Pro?

This is a twostep system that has skin therapy, built into it to help you with keeping healthy skin. It is supposed to be used before, during and after the removal of hair.

They claim this is the last system you’ll ever use to help keep your skin healthy before and after treatment. It’s also a completely holistic approach and will prepare your skin for shaving. Other products are only single action, meaning they have very limited effects. They do not typically help with hair removal and skin care.

The single action products are also full of harsher ingredients that can damage your skin, and ultimately hurt you. Even though they are said to be formulate strictly for men.

How Does SmoothTech Pro Work?

The first thing the SmoothTech Pro does is protects your skin, with a pain free lotion and moisturizer. It is designed to help soothe and protect the skin so it is more resilient to treatment and the hair removal process.

It also clears the pores and helps your body prevent ingrown hairs. Ingrown hairs are one of the leading factors to skin infections and other unwanted skin conditions. The effects of SmoothTech are said to be very long lasting as well.

SmoothTech Pro is completely multi-action and will help you clear and remove unwanted issues. The first part of the system is Eliminate. Eliminate is a moisturizing lotion that has exfoliating properties as well as cleansing properties. It will help to gently remove and exfoliate away dirt and oil. Other impurities will be removed as well. And because it’s smart technology, it will not remove any protein keratins from the skin. It will reduce the water loss from the skin as well and help you prevent irritation.

The second part of the system is to help you restore and reduce bacteria from the skin. It uses a unique water magnet and NFM tech to help deliver Larrea Divaricta directly onto the pore. It will attack the root of the hair in order to stop the production of new hair. The Reduce aspect of the system helps to sooth and hydrate the skin so you can stimulate collagen growth. It’s almost like a face life for your entire body and that includes your face as well.

It will only disable only hair that is actively growing. And that is about 25% of the hair usually. They’re the only brand that will help prep the skin and then help to heal it as well. So basically, you can count on prepping your skin, removing unwanted components from it and then restoring and reducing it to a natural, healthy level.

What Do You Get with the SmoothTech Pro System?

ST1 Eliminate – (Take it Off) – Shower off hair removal solution, designed to help you remove unwanted hair. It is a lotion that is complete with exfoliating and will moisturize you at the same time. It will help you maintain and hydrate your skin.

Key benefits of Eliminate are: Get rid of unwanted hair, moisturize the skin, eliminate free radicals, exfoliate dead skin, combat hard water

ST2 Reduce – (Keep It Off) – A regrowth minimizer that will help you refine skin and fight new hair growth. It destroys the chemical connection within the hair shaft at the root.

Key Benefits of Reduce – Will help to stop new growth, will hydrate skin with magnet and the NMF technology, helps to reduce damage through water loss, promotes healthy and active skin cell growth.

Also, the good thing about the SmoothTech Pro is you can do it all yourself without the help of anyone. There are not a lot of hair removal systems like this on the market. The SmoothTech seems to be one of the best systems around. You use the included back applicator so you can get rid of unwanted hair removal. They also claim that SmoothTech will work on all skin tones and skin types. As they say on the website, there are no limits as to what the SmoothTech Pro can remove from the body.

What Does SmoothTech Pro Cost?

There are different kits that range in price, starting from $39.99 to $79.99. The more expensive products include all the products they have, including exfoliants, the back removal applicator, the prevent and scrub washes as well. There is also the Step 1 and Step 2 solutions.

Considering what you get in the packages, these seem to be some of the most cost effective products on the market. The SmoothTech will likely work exactly as you expect it too.

What Are Customers Saying About SmoothTech Pro?

According to Amazon reviews, the SmoothTech received an average of 3.5 out of 5 stars and that was from 29 reviews. There are other products of a similar nature that have higher average rated reviews. The SmoothTech Pro may not be the best system online as they claim it to be. However, it still has enough solid reviews to merit a try.


  • Includes a lot of different solutions
  • Affordable by comparison
  • Likely to help keep your skin soft and smooth


  • Reviews that are not top of the line
  • May not work as intented

Should I Use SmoothTech?

SmoothTech system seems to have enough decent reviews to say it’s worth a try. If you are looking to improve your skin quality and hydrate your body, then give SmoothTech a try.

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