SmileActives – Advanced Teeth Whitening Pen & Power Gel Kit?


What Is SmileActives?

SmileActives is a powerful teeth whitening gel that is easy to use and can be done from home. IT’s easier to use than strips and trays and costs far less money than a trip to the dentist. They make it easy for you to whiten your teeth with just one simple and easy step, anyone can do.

How Does SmileActives Work?

To use the gel, you just add it to your own toothpaste. They make it easy because you’re naturally going to brush your teeth every day. And with the gel, it’s simple to add it to your daily routine every time you brush your teeth.

They wanted to make it easy, without causing too much interference or trouble for your daily life. You’ll be able to whiten on the go with SmileActive, advanced teeth whitening pen. All you have to do is add it and start brushing it’s that simple.

And you can order teeth whitener online and have it shipping straight to your door. You’ll be able to start whitening your teeth right away and you’ll also save a ton of money because you won’t have to go to the dentist.

If you decide you like it than you can become a member of the SmileActive club. You’ll benefit from exclusive member savings. The savings for members is high too, you can save as much as 43% when you purchase a Smile Actives Kit.

Another cool aspect is you can customize your kit and personalize it so it’s tailored to your needs. You can alter your future shipments when you choose the product and have the delivery scheduled perfectly so it’s ideal timing for you.

Apparently, you’re completely in control of the delivery. They want to make it as convenient for you as possible. You can either pause, speed up and skip shipments if they’re not conducive to your schedule.

Another cool aspect is there is absolutely no commitment or hassles. There are zero minimums and you are not obligated at any time with SmileActives. If you do decide to become a member, you can cancel at any time with no penalties or paybacks. And another great benefit is that there is a 60-day money back guarantee on all orders.

The man who created SmileActives is Robert Eric Montgomery. He found SmileActives and is a highly successful biochemist. He’s innovated the dental and cosmetic industry with more than 90 personal patents.

When he created SmileActives, he did so with a team of other scientists to ensure that the product is top of the line. He also worked closely with consumers, dentists and dental hygienists to figure out the best way to help people whiten their teeth from home.

And that is how they came up with Smile Actives. It contains the most important features for whitening teeth according to Robert. The claims are, Smile Actives is revolutionizing the entire at-home dental care industry. The reason is that the whitening gel combined with the whitening pen work together to take at-home teeth whitening to another level.

It’s said to be very simple, very convenient and very effective for anyone looking to improve their smile from the comfort of their own home. Basically, all you have to do is brush with Smile Actives.

A study they performed on the effectiveness of the whitening gel showed that people who used it for 30 days, saw a drop of as much as 6 shades on the VITA scale. And is just from using Smile Active while brushing their teeth. Right now, you can pick up Smile Whiten for only $29.95 plus free shipping. The powerful teeth whitening gel makes teeth cleaning and whitening easy.

It’s designed to hit every nook and cranny in your mouth with a complete 360-degree cleaning. You’ll be able to save a tremendous amount of time and energy when you use SmileActive as it is delivered straight to your door step.

As a bonus right now, you also get a free gift. The advanced teeth whitening pen. It is a vanilla min flavor and uses a clinically proven formula to help whiten teeth.

The professional strength formula consists mainly of hydrogen peroxide, just like the same kind dentists use to clean your teeth. And once again if you’re not happy with Smile Actives for any reason, you have a 60-day money back guarantee. That means even if the bottle is empty you can return it if you’re not happy with the results.

The Bottom Line On SmileActives

If you’re a smoker or coffee drinker, have stained teeth or just want to improve your smile then SmileActives is ideal for you. You can pick it up at

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