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For many people, their vehicles are a huge part of their lives. Whether it be the preferred mode of transportation getting to and from their workplace, meetings with different clients and colleagues, taking the kids to practice, or those weekend road trips. And, we’re sure that if you could use a device that would give you real time readings about your engine, warning signs, mileage, etc. you would be all over it! The good news is, the Smart Vehicle Health Monitor is here and designed for those very reasons, and more.

Six Different Devices

There are six (6) devices that are part of the Nonda Line;

  1. Smart Car Charger
  2. Smart Tire Safety Monitor
  3. Smart Vehicle Health Monitor
  4. Smart Back Up Camera
  5. Car Key Finder
  6. Compatible HD Music Adapter

Each of these are available for individual purchase on their website, and throughout this article we will be focusing on the Smart Vehicle Health Monitor and its benefits and features.

About The Smart Vehicle Health Monitor

This device is designed to monitor, diagnose and predict vehicle related issues. Those same issues that may cost you upwards of $100.00 to simply find out what might be wrong. In this case, you are provided with the Engine Health Monitor, the Savings Dashboard, and the Safety Center. Go anywhere with confidence

Engine Health Monitor

This device syncs to your smart phone where you have access to the app. This app will display real-time alerts for you, help you decode engine errors that can appear in your dash and as a result, save you money. Your engine is arguable the most important part of your vehicle – without it, the car won’t run. Ensuring that it is healthy and running as it should, having access to its health is a great option to have at your fingertips. If we set aside for a moment how beneficial this is even just for the health of the car – but what about your own health (or stress). Driving can be stressful especially if you are worried about a sudden noise you heard or a smell you don’t recognize. Many times, these things are in our minds and may not be related to the car at all – but this smart vehicle health monitor can help put all that at ease.

EzzySaver Dashboard

While you are driving, this part of the device when synced with the app, will help save you as much as 25 cents per gallon on fuel.

Safety Center

This is a world’s first in this space – the safety center has a predictive algorithm that analyzes historical engine data for potential issues. Imagine, knowing a problem is in the future and being able to take the steps necessary to prevent it. That is powerful stuff. Think about it – if you have ever had something major go wrong in your car, specifically with something under the hood, didn’t you find yourself saying ‘gosh I wished I would have known to budget for this!’, or something along those lines. Having the ability to predict something going wrong through this safety center is really what took this device to the next level. Having a sense of safety and knowing that you are protected and will get a heads up, so good!

Log Your Business Miles

This is especially helpful for people on the road who account for mileage in their work logs and tax deductions. This will help you log your trips and export them to a report that is compliant with the IRS. This feature alone can help you save up to $5000.00 in tax deductions. Our car takes a lot of wear and tear when we are on the roads especially for business. Taking advantage of this on your taxes should never be overlooked. So many times, we forget to log the miles, or you find yourself having to remember where you drove the week before. Time consuming – and not always accurate. As we know, accuracy and the IRS should be a given, so why not take advantage with a device that will do all of that for you?

How Do You Install Smart Vehicle Health Monitor?

The Smart Vehicle Health Monitor is designed to install effortlessly into your car’s OBD II port. The install itself should take less than ten (10) minutes and the app is practically instantaneous.

How To Order Smart Vehicle Health Monitor

The Smart Vehicle Health Monitor can be ordered on the Nonda website for $59.99. It is expected to ship in late November and includes free shipping in the United States. International shipping is free with any orders over $65.00. This device has a 7-day return guarantee, so if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase and its outstanding abilities, simply return the Smart Vehicle Monitor for your money back. Lastly, this product comes with a 12-month warranty. So in the event that you find it is not working as optimally as it had when you first purchased it, know that you are covered for 12 months following your purchase.

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