Smart Swab – Ear Wax Removal Device To Safely Clean Ears?


Smart Swab Review –  Easy To Use?

Smart Swab is a Q-tip-like device that twists into your ear to safely and easily remove earwax. Read our SmartSwab review today to find out if this is really the best way to clean your ears.

What is Smart Swab?

Smart Swab is a soft spiral ear cleaner that promises to replace conventional Q-tips and other ear cleaners.

Priced at $20 for one SmartSwab with 16 disposable tips, the product promises to extract your ear wax “without risk of damage”.

Do you have too much wax or water in your ear? Do you have trouble removing that buildup with conventional ear cleaning tools? SmartSwab promises to be the device you need.

How Does SmartSwab Work?

SmartSwab promises to be “the best way to clean your ear comfortably and safely.” All you do is place the device in your ear, twist, and remove ear wax.

When used correctly, you won’t be able to stick the SmartSwab too deep into your ear. Have you ever stuck a Q-tip just a little too far into your ear? SmartSwab promises to help you avoid that awkward sensation.

The secret behind SmartSwab’s effectiveness is its soft grooved head featuring spirals. That head is designed to go the perfect distance into your ear. Then, with a twist motion on the spiral, the device grabs ear wax from the sides of your ear canal and twists its safely out of your head.

Once you’re done with one ear cleaner, you can simply click a button to drop that tip into the garbage, then add a new tip on top.

To support their claims, SmartSwab interviews one doctor named Daniel E. Peters, MD, MPH. Dr. Peters claims that “the most common cause of ear wax and blockage are people using cotton swabs.” These swabs increase the risk of injury and can compact wax deep within your ear – making it difficult to ever remove the wax without going to an “expensive” doctor’s appointment.

If you’ve ever looked at a box of Q-tips, then you probably saw a warning that you’d not supposed to use the cotton swabs on your ear canal. It’s true: they’re not recommended for use in that part of your body, although that’s mostly just to help the company avoid liability problems.

SmartSwab Pricing

SmartSwab is available at two rates: you can either buy one set or two sets. Here’s how pricing breaks down:

  • 1 Set: $19.99
  • 2 Sets: $29.98

Each set includes 1 handle along with 16 disposable tips.

There’s also a “Deluxe Offer” where you can add an additional 64 tips to your order for an extra $10 fee per set, which brings your total up to $29.99 for the 1 set or $49.98 for the 2 sets.

Shipping is included in the prices listed above.

Smart Swab is available over the phone at 1-800-713-1685 (it’s sold through a TV offer) as well as through the official website at, which accepts all major credit cards.

Please note that there’s no confirmation page after you enter your payment information into After you’ve entered your payment details and pressed confirm, your credit card will immediately be processed and your SmartSwab will be on its way to your mailbox.

You cannot currently purchase SmartSwab from any other online retailer or store. It’s exclusively available through the official website or customer service hotline.

Who Makes SmartSwab?

SmartSwab is made by a New Jersey-based company named Telebrands. That company is a well-known member of the As Seen On TV family. According to its Wikipedia page, Telebrands is also the oldest existing direct response marketing company in the world. They’re the company that originally designed the As Seen On TV logo.

Over the years, Telebrands has been responsible for a number of popular products, including AmberVision sunglasses, the PedEgg, Doggy Steps, Pasta Boat, Aluma Wallet, Pocket Hose, and others. As of 2013, the company had sold 45 million units.

Most of the company’s product reviews indicate the same thing: customers paid a premium-price on a product of average-quality that sort of worked as advertised.

In any case, Telebrands is based at the following address:

79 Two Bridges Road
Fairfield, NJ 07004

To get in touch with the company’s customer service hotline and request a refund, call 1-855-789-4101

Should You Use Smart Swab to Clean Your Ears?

You can buy a pack of 500 Q-Tips for less than $10. Alternatively, you can pay $50 for two Smart Swab handles with 96 disposable tips. You’ll want to remove the tips after you clean each ear (or at least carefully wash them), so you’re potentially paying about $0.50 every time you need to clean your ear. The costs of using Smart Swab will quickly add up.

That being said, Q-tips aren’t the most effective way to clean your ear. Most people just compress ear wax down and increase their risk of developing ear problems. SmartSwab has come up with an innovative solution that uses a spiral to pull ear wax out of your ear safely and effectively – although most people will find Smart Swab too expensive for everyday use.

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