Sleep Eze: Effective Over-The-Counter Sleep-Aid Supplement?


Thousands of people around the world, suffer from sleep difficulties. This can be attributed to many things like stress, over-active thinking, shift work, and much more. As a result, people are constantly seeking answers to this trouble and have tried many things or, suffered through it.

What Is Sleep Eze?

Sleep-Eze was formulated so that you don’t need to suffer any longer. And, was developed to help you sleep better and more importantly wake up rested. Many products are available on the market and many have you waking up tired and groggy which – almost defeats he purpose.

Sleep Eze Ingredients

The primary ingredient in Sleep-Eze is called Diphenydramine Hydrocholoride. This is a world renown sleep aid. The dosage here, is 50 milligrams. A full list of ingredients are available on the website, and include ones such as; anhydrous citric acid, FD&C blue number 1 and FD&C red number 40.

Because this sleep aid is in liquid format, ingredients are also added to help the flavor be enjoyable and easy to take orally.

Sleep-Eze is not tested on animals except in cases that there is a specific regulatory requirement to do so and there are no other alternatives.

Using Sleep Eze Over-The-Counter Sleep-Aid

Sleep-Eze should be taken to relieve occasional insomnia and restlessness. In addition, however, if you are suffering from these conditions for more than two (2) weeks, it is recommended that consult your doctor to ensure there are no other things that could be contributing to these conditions.

Sleep Eze Other Products

In addition to the liquid format mentioned above, Sleep-Eze offers the same product in a variety of delivery methods. These include;

  • Sleep-Eze gel caps
  • Sleep-Eze Eze Melts
  • Sleep-Eze Regular strength caplets
  • Sleep-Eze extra strength caplets

The variety is a smart decision by Sleep-Eze given that everyone is different and ultimately, they believe no one should suffer of lack of sleep.

How Does Sleep Eze Work?

The Sleep-Eze products are designed to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Although the length of time will vary from person to person, the range is that of four (4) to eight (8) hours. The goal is to help you wake up feeling rested and as a result feel better throughout the day.

We often take for granted what a good sleep feels like, and only realize it once we are experiencing difficulties.

One of the primary things when it comes to overall health and wellness is sleep. Much of our bodies require the necessary rest to perform at our best and ultimately, feel our best. With products like Sleep-Eze, we can prevent this lack of sleep and get back to feeling better. Because, you deserve that.

Where Can You Get Sleep Eze?

Sleep-Eze is available in stores like Walmart, Shopper Drug Mart, Sobeys, Loblaws and more. And is available over the counter meaning, you do not require a prescription to receive any. This includes all of the variations mentioned above.

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