SitTight – Sitting Disease Fitness Chair For Pain Relief & Weight Loss?


Many studies have shown that due to the sedentary nature of many jobs these days, people have started to develop a host of issues like back problems, unregulated weight increase/ obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure. Thus, in order to curb the development of such issues, many experts recommend that people incorporate at least 45 minutes of regular exercise into their daily routines.

However, that is easier said than done as these days most jobs require people to work for at least 10-12 hours a day. Thus, in such scenarios it can be increasingly difficult to carve out time for a daily exercise regime.

To counter these problems, many innovative products have been released into the market. For example, stationary bikes which can be placed under one’s work desks are now available. These seating solutions allow users to keep pedalling and burning away calories as one does their regular office work.

Similarly, there are specialised dumbbells which users can use from time to time during coffee, work breaks that can help them stay in optimal physical shape.

About SitTight

SitTight is an all new seating platform that literally ‘transforms sitting into an activity that improves our health instead of damaging it.’ In its essence, the seat features a weight system that is attached to a comfortable sitting platform. Users are required to balance their weight and realign their ‘centre of gravity’ while on the SitTight so that they are constantly engaged in physical activity.

Some of the key benefits of Sit Tight include:

Fitness Optimisation:

Due to its novel design and shape, the sit tight has been customised to allow for weight loss and muscular development even when one is seated. As mentioned previously, the device has been designed to help users maintain a steady ‘centre of gravity’, thereby allowing them to constantly workout their dormant muscles and tendons.

Unlike other chairs which cause issues related to obesity and bad posture, the Sit Tight allows or physical development while one is busy engaged in their work.

Pain Relief:

Due to its unique mode of operation, clinical data has pointed to the fact that the chair gradually straightens our back muscles and helps remove any discrepancies in our spinal alignment.

This not only helps us breathe better, but allows us to get rid of nerve pain that is quite common amongst many people who work in sitting jobs. Also, the longer one sits on Sit Tight, the better the nerve stimulatory mechanisms become within our bodies.

Weight Loss:

The dynamic ‘balance system’ forces users to constantly work their stomach and gut muscles. This ensures that excess fat and lipid deposits are being constantly mobilised and burned.

Similarly, due to the mode of operation of this device, users will have to constantly work their body muscles out as well. Thus, one finds that the user not only loses weight but also tones their muscles through the use of the Sit Tight.

Key Features

  • Modern Design: the outer design of the chair is very chic and minimalistic. Thus, the platform can be used at work or even at home without any worries of it clashing with the interior decor of a particular room.
  • Ergonomic: the body of the chair is highly ergonomic in its design. The seat features a complex mesh network that allows for increased airflow and added comfort.
  • Swivel Movement: using a novel ‘dynamic weight system’, the chair has been made to allow for maximal movement. This ensures that a user is constantly engaged and is forced to work out his/her body at all times.
  • Solid Base Construction: due to its high quality design, the Sit Tight can be used on many different surfaces without any fear of the chair tipping or sliding.

SitTight Pricing And Availability

To order the SitTight, users can directly place an order on the official company website. Since the project is still in its kickstarter phase, interested individuals can sign up and apply for early bird discounts (allowing for massive discounts). All payments can be completed using a host of safe means like PayPal, Maestro and Visa.

SitTight Review Summary

Even though the product has been recently released, it has already started receiving rave review from many media outlets and medical practitioners.

Satisfied customers include Dr Kalei C who says ‘Sit Tight empowers a person with a tool that can positively change their chronic neuromuscular pain by strengthening one’s core supportive spinal musculature’.

Similarly, Jami F says ‘Sit Tight is the ideal chair for working out core muscles and maintaining proper posture. I love that it turns non-active time we spend sitting into a stabilising exercise. I would definitely recommend this device to all my clients.’

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