Sit or Squat – Charmin’s Public Bathroom/Restroom App Finder?


Ever been in a new town or busy city and wondered where you could rush for a short or long call? The problem is not even finding the public toilet; it’s if the toilet is hygienic enough for you to relieve yourself without worrying that you might expose yourself to dangerous germs.

Well, worry no more since there is an app that can solve all your restroom problems.

What Is Sit Or Squat?

Sit Or Squat is an application designed to notify you of nearby restrooms. However, unlike the few other apps that do the same, Sit Or Squat identifies all nearby public restrooms and displays them on your screen regarding their cleanliness level. The clean bathrooms have a green or sit rating while less desirable toilets are displayed using a red or squat rating.

In doing so, you get to decide on the restroom you wish to visit depending on your state and hygienic preferences. Apparently, nobody wants to use a filthy toilet, but in some instances, you can access just how filthy it is in case it can’t wait. We all know that when nature calls, there isn’t much that you can do to postpone the call, although you can delay it for a while.

Sit Or Squat offers you the chance to stay in touch with all restrooms available in your location using state-of-the-art technology. Developed back in 2009, this app caters to all genders, ages, and also for people living with disabilities. It has filters such as baby changing tables, handicap accessible, for free (for those in Europe), and sits only.

How Many People Use This App?

Last year, over 55,000 toilets from 32 countries had been rated by Sit Or Squat. The number of registered toilets has risen exponentially in a year as the app grows in popularity. It is expected to be a household app by the end of the year according to the manufacturers Charmin industries.

How Can I Get It?

You can download Sit Or Squat on Google Play or App Store for free. However, after downloading it, you are required to log in by providing a few details, especially your location to sync all restrooms in your area. I had a little problem with the logging in because the app was quick to provide an option of logging in using my Facebook or twitter account.

It’s a decent way to log in for some people but I know I wasn’t ready to receive a congratulations message on my timeline with a bear holding toilet paper for all my friends to see. Nonetheless, registration is free, and after you are done, you can browse through the filters and see all available restrooms within your area based on their hygiene.

What Makes It a Worthy Download?

Personally, I have experienced the need to go in the middle of a new city with new faces all around, and it was so embarrassing to ask people where I could find a restroom. As such, I downloaded this app because it guarantees privacy, which is a no-brainer when it comes to such issues, and its credibility seeing it is designed by Charmin.

Sit or Squat Review Summary

Sit or Squat is also simple to use and caters for everybody regardless of age or physical condition. Also, this app has put many public restrooms on high alert since they risk being exposed as filthy. Download this app because as I mentioned earlier and as you know too well when nature calls, you have

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