Simply Gum – 100% Natural Chewing Gum With No Synthetics?


Chewing gum is one of the most popular comestibles on the market, with more than 374 trillion sticks of gum being consumed worldwide every year. Worth more than $19 billion USD annually, the chewing gum market is massive, and is responsible for more than 100,000 tons of gum chewed every year.

The practice of chewing gum is extremely old, with archaeologists discovering evidence of humans chewing birch resin in Sweden, but the products and chemicals we chew today are very different than those our ancestors chewed. While chewing may have originated through the use of natural plant products, the chewing gum formulas on offer today are highly synthetic, and present a very serious health risk.

The FDA allows gum manufacturers to hide a significant amount of ingredients from the eyes of health-conscious consumers under the catch-all phrase “gum base” which, in reality, contains many of the same chemicals as those found in plastic bottles, car tyres, and glue.

Apart from the very serious health risk presented by these chemicals, which are both hormonal disruptors and highly carcinogenic, some of the other ingredients used have other negative health effects.

The average stick of gum contains five grams of sugar, which is more than 30% of the recommended daily intake, presenting a health risk to the teeth, the cardiovascular system, and promoting the spread of obesity.

Even sugar-free gums are dangerous, however- commonly used artificial sweeteners such as aspartame have been proven to cause neurodegenerative disorders such as ADD and Parkinson disease, as well as birth defects, lupus, and cancer.

Avoiding artificial gum entirely is the best decision you can make for your long term health, but fortunately, a groundbreaking new food tech company is offering fans of chewing gum a healthy, natural, and chemical free alternative to synthetic gum that is made from completely organic ingredients.

Simply Gum has captured media attention from Forbes, Uncrate, Real Simple, WSJ, Goop, and even the Kardashians for its delicious, environmentally friendly, and completely additive free formula.

In this article, we’ll check out the Simply Gum formula and find out what makes it so popular to help you decide whether switching to natural gum is the right choice for you.

What is Simply Gum?

Simply Gum is a new chewing gum that, as the name implies, is extremely simple and natural. Free from preservatives, chemicals, and synthetic ingredients, the Simply Gum formula avoids ingredients such as aspartame, BHT, and plastic in favor of all-natural botanical elements.

The Simply Gum formula is both better for the environment and better for the human body, as it’s completely organic and biodegradable.

More than 90% of all chewing gum consumed on the planet isn’t disposed of correctly, which has a significant negative impact on the health of the planet. As the second most common form of litter next to cigarette butts, conventional synthetic chewing gum is composed of plastic polymers and doesn’t break down in the environment, which creates more than 250,000 tons of unrecyclable permanent waste every year.

The gum that pollutes the environment ends up in the water cycle, where it is consumed by fish and ultimately ends up contaminating the foods that end up on our plates.

The Simply Gum formula, however, breaks down in water and, if disposed of on sidewalks in other dry environments, disintegrates into a fine powder within six months.

The Simply Gum Formula

The Simply Gum formula is based on completely organic chicle. Chicle is a natural source of biodegradable rubber that was chewed by ancient Mayan people, and has a neutral impact on the environment. Chicle is sourced from the sapodilla tree, and in the Simply Gum formula, is mixed with a small amount of candelilla wax and citric acid.

By adding organic raw cane sugar, organic vegetable glycerin for consistency, organic rice flour for chewability, and all natural flavors to an organic chicle base, the Simply Gum creates an entirely natural, 100% biodegradable, and chemical free chewing gum that tastes great.

The vegetable glycerin in the formula is completely GMO free, while the rice flour added to the formula keeps the gum from becoming too sticky while keeping the whole recipe completely gluten-free.

Each piece of Simply Gum contains just one gram of sugar, which works out to just three calories, making it one of the lowest calorie natural sugar gums on the market. The Simply Gum formula is available in six flavors- Fennel, Coffee, Mint, Cinnamon, Ginger, and Maple, which are all created in New York from natural flavors.

The Simply Gum Verdict

Simply Gum is the first completely natural, non-GMO project verified, Kosher Certified, organic chewing gum available on the market, and is vastly superior to unhealthy chemical synthetic chewing gums in every way.

Offering health-conscious consumers a way to maintain their health at the same time as keeping their breath fresh, Simply Gum is simply the best gum out there.


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