Silentmode – High end Audio Powernap Mask For Better Sleep?


Sleep is the refuge of the modern man. Today, life is a constant struggle with stress and anxiety. To compound matters sleep deprivation or a restless sleep reduces the brains functioning making it harder to work or concentrate on anything. An undisturbed rest gives a person more energy, as it resets the brain and reinvigorates the body.

Till about 50 yrs ago people understood this fact . Today, apart from Spain and Japan, most places frown on a person taking a nap . It is looked down upon as the work of a slacker. Quite the inverse, studies show the positive impact of short but restful “downtime”.

It helps the body relax and build a natural coping mechanism to fight stress which in turn boosts productivity. However constant visual and auditory stimulation is the main obstacle to a restful nap. This is where the silent mode come in.

What is Silentmode?

Silentmode is a powernap mask with immersive, high end audio. It is an immersive experience that looks to help a person master the art of a power nap, be it at work, home, or when traveling. This device has:

Black Outs:

The Silentmode comes equipped with head mask that ensures 100% Black-out that banishes any visual distractions and lets the mind focus on better.

Noise Cancellation:

A passive noise cancellation ear pieces to turn down the noise and let the person get immersed in comforting sounds


The most important element is to ensure that a person is comfortable and to that end this device comes with a grade 3 memory foam throughout. Further it has its audio device embedded in such a unique way that one can comfortably lay on it and enjoy a peaceful rest.


A free and interesting nap training content that guides users in the art of getting a quick and restful nap. It is music to help breathe better. Breathing correctly helps master the thought flow. Once the mind is cleared it makes sleeping much easier.

How Does It Work?

Rest is depended on a number of factors, to get the body in an optimal state the Silentmode has:

Nap Mask:

After years of designing, and preparing the ultimate relaxation mask, the Silentmode was made. It is effective in shutting down any visual senses. Blocking all visual distractions makes it easier to calm down.

This napping mask ensures a 100% black out and comes with sockets that enable a certain freedom to a person's eyes therefore allowing for REM sleep to occur more naturally in a comfortable environment.

This patent pending design, is also easy to pack and transport. With quality foams encompassing the device, it lets the person lie down comfortably in any position.

Sound Control:

Silentmode comes equipped with a combination of soft-goods integrated with high quality bespoke audio drivers. This patent pending design allows anyone to customise each speaker placement ensuring the highest quality experience possible.

Partnering with audio providers and customizing this with hardware to provide an unmatched and immersive experience of frequencies and proprietary napping music. It lets a person get comfortable and nap with Breathonics or their own sounds.

Where Can Silentmode Be Used?

The Silentmode can be used anywhere:

At Work:

There is an understanding in today's corporate world that the wellness of their employees is of utmost importance. Most progressive companies today have Nap rooms so that they can get the most out of their employees.

When Meditating:

Yoga and meditation have rapidly made a place for themselves in mainstream lifestyles. The sound of monastery chants or the atmosphere of calming rain makes it easier to switch off and meditate.

When Traveling:

Traveling for most is a painful experience especially for the globe trotters. It is now easy to block out any annoyances or disturbances while travelling. A good rest ensures one is refreshed when they arrive at their destination.

Who Is The Team Behind Silentmode?

This project is helmed by Bradley Dowdling-Young and Jens H Nielsen. They have a bachelors in sound design and computer science. Using their technological knowledge and combining it with their intrinsic desire for a solution to easy napping, they came up with Silentmode.

Silentmode Review Summary

This kickstarter project has all the makings of a blockbuster. It addresses a growing issue of stress that keeps many from reaching their full potential. SilentMode ships to many countries and comes with a 30 day (from the date of shipping) 100% money back guarantee.

For details or to back this project visit the link at

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