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Personal Eye Care Assistant

Think back to your day. Would you agree that on average you spend at least seven (7) hours a day looking at a computer screen? Now, this may also include looking at other screens such as a cell phone or tablet too. Chances are, your answer was yes. And, we know this is a safe assumption because that is the average time that people spend looking at a screen every day.

So, it is no wonder that we are seeing an increase in things like headaches, eye strain, sore necks and shoulders, blurred vision, and other symptoms that are directly related to the time spent looking at a screen.

Now, you might be thinking to yourself ‘that’s great, but I have to’. And, we wouldn’t disagree with you. The way the world is designed from such a technological standpoint now, most people do not have a choice.

There is however a name that goes along with the symptoms described above; ‘Computer Vision Syndrome’, or ‘Digital Eye Strain’. And, we think you also might agree with us that even after you have spent your work day in front of a computer, you then go home and look at other screens.

These might include your cellphone, television or e-reader when reading your books.

Most people ignore the symptoms. We assume they will go away with time, and unfortunately, they often do not and can in fact become worse. When this happens, symptoms may progress to:

  • Feelings of fatigue
  • Increased stress
  • Lowered productivity
  • An increase in error rate

So, now that you know the name and condition related to the symptoms you are likely experiencing, you are probably wondering ‘now what?’. And, that would be a great question – one that sight Cue is equipped to answer.

What is Sight Cue?

Sight Cue is a device that will help you manage the time you spend in front of a screen more effectively. It will help to reduce some of the symptoms you are experiencing by reminding you to take breaks when necessary and help you break the pattern of endless staring at the same screen for long periods of time.

You might look at Sight Cue as your personal assistant. One that you wished you had found long ago, but none the less, one who will keep you alert and notify you when it is time to look away.

Benefits of Sight Cue

This device, was developed with the knowledge obtained through a number of studies that are related to eye health and computer uses. It helps free your mind from routine tasks and allows you to focus on ones that are a bit more complex.

Through its use, you can expect to feel better when it comes to your overall mood, and it has been proven to improve your focus and concentration. This is possible when it is working to help eliminate the distracting pains or discomfort you can often feel in and around your eye area.

And, we know that when we concentrate and/or focus better, we are likely to be more productive. That should be the goal especially when at work – so finding a way to address that is optimal.

How Does Sight Cue Work?

Think about when you are working at your job, or from home – when you are trying to focus or concentrate more on something, it is probable that you lean forward getting closer to the screen. When the device senses this, it will notify you that you are too close and prompt you to move backwards. This will help you refocus on something else, even for a short time and then allow you to redirect your focus to the task at hand.

In addition to helping you achieve better viewing distance, it will also prompt you to take at last a fifteen (15) minute break after two (2) hours of computer use, and teach you the 20-20-20 rule. This rule is designed to prompt you to take a 20 second eye break every 20 minutes to look at something 20 feet away.

Creating these habits, will better serve you in the long run and help prevent the strain that too many people are experiencing these days.

Want to Back the Sight Cue Project?

We thought so! You can do so by visiting this campaign on the Kickstarter website and making a pledge starting at $227 HK, today!

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