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Body shaping clothes have long been a part of society. From corsets to Spanx, there have always been those products that were specifically designed to make people look their best in their varying outfits.

Unfortunately, body shaping garments are notorious uncomfortable. Not only do the squish and push things in an unnatural way, but they’re often made out of material that doesn’t breathe properly, making it even more uncomfortable to wear. It’s because of all these problems that ShapeOn was created.

ShapeOn is a new type of body shaping garment. Made to perfectly accentuate the best parts of the body and provide comfortable support, ShapeOn is made out of a breathable material that will making looking good feel amazing again.

What is ShapeOn?

ShapeOn is a body shaping garment that is breaking all the prejudices surrounding these types of clothes.

The garment acts the same way most body shaping products do, pulling in the stomach and thighs.

However, unlike these other options, ShapeOn isn’t uncomfortable, being made out of a breathable material that makes the garment feel like a second skin.

More importantly, ShapeOn doesn’t just flatten the stomach and hips, it also accentuates the bust and butt, allowing users to feel more confident as they go about their day.

Another big problem that people have had with body shaping options in the past is that they tend to show beneath clothes and roll over, causing embarrassing situations.

Thankfully, ShapeOn has combated this problem with its unique design. Instead of being made from one swath of material, ShapeOn is made from strategically designed strips of cloth.

While this makes ShapeOn look different than other shapers, it still offers the same support, but without showing any panty lines.

And, with its invisible removable straps, ShapeOn will stay in place throughout the day, without rolling down.

In a world where fashionable shouldn’t mean uncomfortable, ShapeOn is the perfect option for those who want to look their best, but without the struggle that comes with so many other shaper options.

Benefits of ShapeOn

As mentioned above, ShapeOn is an extremely comfortable shaper, something no other shaper can claim.

Made from a light, breathable material, ShapeOn allows users to stay cool, so they don’t have to constantly feel like their shaper is sticking to them.

At the top of ShapeOn, users won’t have to deal with the small bands that tend to roll over and cause unwanted lines and bumps.

The wide, non-rolling band on the ShapeOn is perfect for all-day wear, not slipping or rolling, supporting perfect comfort throughout the day.

Plus, for those who want a little extra support, ShapeOn also comes with invisible, removable straps.

The design of ShapeOn is another big benefit of the shaper. As previously stated, ShapeOn isn’t made from one giant piece of material.

Instead, ShapeOn is made from light panels, which when combined with a discreet flat seam, so no embarrassing lines can be seen through outfits.

And ShapeOn doesn’t just squeeze everything in. Instead, ShapeOn has multiple bands that work to target specific areas.

There is a high and low waist band, flattening bands over the stomach, bands to prevent saddlebags, and even a belt to slim the waist.

All these sections work to make each area of the body look its best, so users can feel their best in their outfits.

Shapers shouldn’t just constrict the body in a hope that it will look smoother and more controlled, they should also accentuate the best parts of the body.

ShapeOn offers anti-bulge support and slims the body, but it also works to show off the best parts of the body, so those wearing it don’t feel completely without shape.

ShapeOn contains a posture panel, pushing the back straight and out, which highlights the bust so it doesn’t look flat or misshapen.

ShapeOn also uses an enhancing material that will give users the buttocks they’ve always wanted, allowing users to fill out their clothes just right.

ShapeOn Review Summary

There are three different options for purchasing ShapeOn. These options are a bust to thigh option, bust to knee option, and a shorter torso to thigh option. These different style options are explained in more detail on the ShapeOn website.

For a limited time, ShapeOn is offering a buy one get one 50% off discount. Each ShapeOn costs $39.99, plus a small shipping and handling fee, making the cost for two only $59.99.

What makes this offer even better is that ShapeOn comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

If users aren’t satisfied with their ShapeOn or find the shaper uncomfortable, they can return it for a full refund.

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