SFuels Ultra Bars & Drink Mix: Help Endurance Runners Go Longer?


Fitness can take on several definitions, as it might mean something different depending on one’s goals. A factor that one must focus on is maximizing their long-term health. Setting short-term fitness goals, might induce one to quit once the set goal has been attained. This may result in long lost efforts, results, and motivation, while possibly forming unwanted health conditions. How can consumers maximize on endurance and ensure that their efforts remain intact over the long run? This is where Go Longer SFuels Ultra can lend a helping hand.

Go Longer is a brand that focuses on enhancing one’s fitness experiences. In particular, their essentials can supposedly promote one to take part in an active lifestyle altogether. To see what efforts Go Longer has taken, the following review will analyze it with respect to its purpose and what it offers. Its price factor will also be assessed along the way.

What Is Go Longer?

Go Longer has been created with the potential to maximize on how one trains, eats and lives. They do not simply stop at enhancing performance, as they give equal importance to how their essentials promote wellness. Go Longer’s approach in dealing with sustainable endurance is to ensure that consumers are provided with low carb, fat-based nutrition. With this in mind, Go Loner was able to deliver the Spike Free Line of supplements.

What Does Go Longer Offer?

Go Longer SFuels Ultra provides two different types of supplements, both of which are categorized as Spike-Free (SFuels). Here is a complete breakdown of what Go Longer has to offer:

SFuels Ultra Bars

SFuels Ultra Bars have been created with the quality of fuel in mind. Most sports bars are believed to contain large quantities of sugar. Although this approach can potentially increase energy levels, unfortunately, it is short-lived and may promote health implications in the long run.

The SFuels Ultra Bars claims to contain natural food ingredients like, whey, butter, resistant fibers, organic nuts and spices, which have been incorporated to stimulate fat-burning, lean-muscle recovery, and prevent poor gut response while training. Depending on the intensity of training, how one must ingest each bar may alter. For instance, low-training only requires one bar every two hours with water, whereas endurance-training requires a bar per hour. The flavors that are currently offered include vanilla, blueberry-bliss and strawberry-rush.

SFuels Ultra Drink Mix

The SFuels Ultra Drink Mix has been formulated to meet the needs of racers. The rate at which one is capable of running determines on the quality of energy or fuel. Like the bars, the drink mix prevents the use of carbs and sugar and focuses on using existing fat in the body for fuel. Ultimately, its uses can minimize blood-sugar levels, inflammation and nausea.

Nutrition-wise, SFuels appears to be valuable as it contains as little as 4 grams of fat, 3 grams of protein, 240 mg of sodium, 50 mg of potassium and 500 mg of glutamine per serving. The inclusion of sodium and potassium are commendable here, as they are the primary electrolytes in the body that ensure cells attain its required source of fuel. The flavors that are currently offered include Coconut-Lime, Pomegranate-Acai, and Strawberry-Lemonade.

How Much Can Consumers Expect To Invest In Go Longer?

For 30 servings of the SFuels Drink Mix, consumers can expect to invest approximately $34.95 (regardless of flavor). However, the prices vary depending on the number of SFuels Ultra Bars purchased. The following are investment options: 4 Bar SFuels Get Started Pack for $16 and

6 Bar 12 Hour, 2 Flavor Pack: $18.95.

Go Longer SFuels Ultra Conclusion

Based on the analysis above, Go Longer seems to have taken an effective approach in maximizing energy and endurance for training purposes. What makes them unique is their additional source of electrolytes, which are normally released from the body through urine and sweat. Since the SFuels Ultra Bars and Drink Mixes are both low in sugar and carbohydrates, it can be easily incorporated in Ketogenic diets, as Go Longer claims them to promote fat burning by triggering existing fat. Lastly, the prices seem to be fair, as each essential can supposedly maximize one’s wellness. For more information, check out: http://www.spike-free.com/

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