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About Sentra PM

Sentra PM is medicinal food supplement designed to help you get the amino acids you need to hit healthy levels of rejuvenating sleep. The supplement is non-addictive and has been regulated by the FDA.

It is clinically shown to reduce the effort and time needed to fall asleep. The claims are backed by double blind clinical trials and people who take Sentra PM fall asleep 60% faster than those who don’t. The study was done over a two-week period.

How Does Sentra PM Works?

The amino acid, formulation found in Sentra PM are natural precursors to the powerful substances GABA, Serotonin and Acetylcholine as well as Glutamate. The neurotransmitters are essential for healthy, restorative, rejuvenating sleep.

Basically, the sleep aid helps you fall asleep faster, improve the quality of sleep and optimizes the central nervous system for nighttime activity so during the day you benefit from better pain relief. Improved sleep is important because studies have shown that chronic sleep loss will lead to higher pain sensitivity during the day. Sleep loss creates a type of dysfunction in the central nervous system that is directly related to pain.

Chronic pain will lead to a depletion of essential amino acids and the needed neuro transmitters your body needs to maintain healthy, natural sleep. Sentra PM provides your body or more specifically the central nervous system with needed minerals and nutrients needed to hit deep levels of rest and sleep.

It has the amino acids that will promote deep, healthy and restful sleep. Sentra PM is in no way addicting so it is more attractive than many of the harsher prescription medications.

Sentra PM is all natural and FDA approved as well. It is a dietary sleep management system designed to help with sleep disorders basically. It’s specifically designed for people with depression, PTSD and fibromyalgia.

There are 60 capsules in each bottle of the substance and it can be taken at bedtime. You’ll need to take the supplement for 3 months of continuous use to see the true benefits of the supplement.

There is a prescription required to get Sentra PM, but it’s said to be far less harmful to the body and mind than other prescription sleep aids. Plus, it’s non-habit forming which is always a plus.

The medication gives the body the right tools needed to hit deep levels of healthy sleep. And to fall asleep faster as well as stay asleep longer. Sentra PM addresses the main problem that keeps most people awake at night. And that is the increased metabolic requirements that causes most anxieties and sleep disorders.

The best part is it is done through nutrition, specifically the need for specific amino acids and uses the patent that makes Sentra PM unique. It works fast and the benefits grow over time.

There are no severe side-effects so it’s ideal for anyone who needs help with sleep. The only downside is, that even though the company claims there is no grogginess or chances for addiction some patients would argue otherwise. Although the arguments are not common, some people do claim tolerancebuild up leads to a need for higher doses which can be considered a form of addiction.

What Ingredients Are In Sentra PM?

The ingredients are a proprietary blend of amino acids, developed specifically to help with production of different neurotransmitters directly related to sleep. The ingredients are generally recognized as safe by the Food and Drug Administration.

To be recognized as safe and fit into the GRAS area, a substance must be clearly distinguished from a food additive on the basis that it is a substance for a specific intended use and is considered safe on all grounds. There can be no levels of toxicity, and it must be considered safe for widespread use.

A lot of ingredients in Sentra PM have already been determined by the FDA to be GRAS in the past. So, overall, the substance itself falls into that category.

Where Can I Buy Sentra PM?

You can order Sentra PM on the company website at And right now, for a limited time you can order it and save 30% on your purchase.

Sentra PM Review Summary

If you suffer from long term sleep problems, then Sentra PM is an ideal substance for you to take. Order it and you’ll likely get that sleep you’ve been searching for.


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