See Sense ACE – AI Smart Bike Light For Improved Visibility?


Providing cyclists with a smarter, brighter, and safer bike light, See Sense has pushed the field in a new direction with the ACE light powered by artificial intelligence.

Continue reading for a closer look at this revolutionary technology.

What Is See Sense ACE?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has come a long way to improve user experience of products such as cars, and now bikes, with See Sense ACE bike light.

Using AI technology, the bike light reacts to each part of the users journey with appropriate light flashes and brightness, whether it encounters car headlights, a roundabout, or road junctions. ACE quickly learns the unique riding style and pattern of its user and caters to that individual.

How Does See Sense ACE Work?

After charging ACE bike lights they can be clipped anywhere on the person or the bike that is being ridden. The user can control brightness of the lights from their app and customize its flash patterns.

When the battery runs out, the user simply needs to plug ACE into a usb charger port and can re-attach to their bike when battery is replenished.

Features of See Sense ACE

Day and night visible:

With 125 lumen output, the ACE functions like a car headlight and is visible for up to a mile away. With more than 200 degrees visibility, the light is widely dispersed and can be seen from the side easily.


Can be used in any conditions and is IP67 rate.

Smart Battery Management:

with 10 hours of runtime, this light lasts long and is easily recharged with a USB. An automatic on/off sensor turns the light off 3 minutes after the bike stops moving, saving more power for future use.

Versatile Mounting:

The many ways to attach See Sense ACE are covered with a number of different mounts. Placing it on your handlebars, backpack, belt, seatpost, or saddle bag is done easily and ACE is not limited to these placements.

Smartphone App:

Developed by See Sense, the ACE app offers a wide range of information on your light, battery information, brightness, stats of your rides, and access to a community of cyclists.

The app also offers a unique anti-theft feature that alerts the user to any movement of the bike when it is parked. If the user crashes, the app will notify a contact of their choice to the emergency.

See Sense ACE Pricing


Offering a unique way to purchase products from See Sense, Kickstarter takes payments in the form of ‘pledges’ to the company. To receive an ACE rear light for a bike, a buyer must pledge £27 (US$35) or more.

If a buyer would like to receive a full ACE set, they must pledge £48 (US$63) or more to See Sense. There are more expensive pledges that merit larger bundles with more products, such as reflective socks, and the ICON+ rear lights.

For more information on their bundles, follow this link:

Should You Use See Sense ACE?

Interested buyers could include commuters or people who ride their bikes regularly in busy settings, or areas where there is very little public lighting.

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