5 Fast Facts You Need to Know About the Secret Starbucks Purple Drink


Secret Starbucks Purple Drink Review

The internet exploded earlier today after it was revealed that Starbucks has a secret “Purple Drink” on its menu. Is it true? It most certainly is.

5 Fast Facts You Need to Know About the Secret Starbucks Purple Drink

Here are five fast facts you need to know about the new purple drink craze sweeping Starbucks locations across the world.

What is the Starbucks Secret Purple Drink?

Social media was abuzz this week after it was revealed that Starbucks does have a secret “purple drink”. That purple drink made a splash on Instagram and other platforms as thirsty Starbucks customers shared their unique creations with the world. The now-legendary drink consists of:

  • Passion Iced Tea
  • Made with Soy Milk
  • Vanilla Syrup
  • Scoops of Blackberries

The purple drink follows in the footsteps of the pink drink, another secret Starbucks menu item that made a buzz on social media.

It’s Been Trending on Social Media Under #PurpleDrink

When you see someone writing #PurpleDrink on social media, you probably don’t think of Starbucks.

That’s why the Instagram community was in shock earlier today when people – mostly young women – were sharing pictures of their purple-colored Starbucks cups with the hashtag #purpledrink.

No, these women were not pouring codeine and promethazine into a Starbucks drink container. Instead, they had just discovered the hottest new Starbucks craze of the summer.

In any case, #purpledrink quickly started to get more action than #pinkdrink on Instagram and Twitter.

It Replaces the Pink Drink

The Starbucks pink drink, by the way, was another popular secret Starbucks menu item that debuted earlier this month. Didn’t hear about the pink drink either? We’ve got you covered. It was made from Starbuck’s own branded strawberry acai refresher mixed with coconut milk.  Just like with the purple drink, it quickly spread across social media.

It Could All Be a Clever Starbucks Marketing Ploy

If you’re skeptical about the world, then you probably think that this is all a Starbucks marketing ploy.

You could be right.

Who goes into Starbucks and mixes passion iced tea with vanilla syrup, soy milk, and blackberries? Who even knew that Starbucks had all of those ingredients?

And it’s a mighty convenient coincidence that this drink appears on the internet just in time for the warm summer months.

Anyways. It probably started when some girl on Instagram got creative at Starbucks. But it also could have started when some executives in a Starbucks boardroom decided how to engage younger social media users.

Should You Substitute Coconut Milk?

APerhaps the biggest question about the Purple Drink is whether or not you should substitute coconut milk into the beverage. There’s been a growing trend of users on social media recommending that you add coconut milk to the drink instead of soy milk to give it a lighter, sweeter flavor.

I guess you’re just going to have to order the secret purple drink multiple times to decide which one is your new favorite.

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