Say Bye Bugs – Natural Family Safe Spray To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs?


Say Bye Bugs is a bed bug spray that promises to kill bed bugs while protecting your family from harmful chemicals. Here’s our Say Bye Bugs review.

What is Say Bye Bugs?

Say Bye Bugs is a spray that destroys bed bugs on contact. Instead of using harsh pesticides or dangerous chemicals, the makers of Say Bye Bugs use a natural active ingredient that’s safe for children and pets.

The spray claims to kill bed bugs at all stages of development – from eggs to adults.

Today, you can purchase Say Bye Bugs online through It’s not available through retailers or other websites. You can purchase it in the form of a small spray bottle or a larger spray bottle.

How Does Say Bye Bugs Work?

The makers of Say Bye Bugs claim to use a “natural active ingredient that destroys bed bugs on contact”. That ingredient was “developed by a team of entomologists and other bed bug experts.”

According to these experts, the ingredient uses an enzyme-based formula that’s completely deadly to bed bugs while remaining safe for humans and pets.

Essentially, this enzyme water-based formula destroys the exoskeleton of bed bugs. Once the formula comes in contact with the bed bugs, their exoskeleton starts to become compromised.

Say Bye Bugs Ingredients

Say Bye Bugs contains all of the following ingredients:

  • 3% Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
  • 1% Sodium Chloride
  • 0.2% Citric Acid
  • Water
  • Yeast
  • Urea
  • Sodium Benzoate
  • Potassium Sorbate

We’ve seen similar bed bug formulas like this available online. They’re often classified as essential oil-based bed bug control products. Manufacturers will mix ingredients like cedar oil with sodium lauryl sulfate. Say Bye Bugs, however, appears to mostly consist of water mixed with sodium lauryl sulfate and salt.

Does It Actually Work?

Say Bye Bugs uses active ingredients like sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium chloride. If you passed 8th grade chemistry, then you know that sodium chloride is just a fancy name for salt. Does a combination of salt and sodium lauryl sulfate actually work to kill bed bugs?

Most research shows that yes, sodium lauryl sulfate kills bed bugs when sprayed topically onto the bed bugs. The Entomological Society of America ( cites one study where a formula with 1.3% sodium lauryl sulfate killed more than 90% of bed bugs when applied directly onto bed bug nymphs.

In another study published in a 2014 issue of Insects, researchers examined the efficacy of an essential oil-based pesticide for controlling bed bug infestations in apartment buildings.

They found that most essential oil-based treatments were not effective compared to insecticides. However, there was one formula that beat the odds. That formula was called EcoRaider – which is actually the same formula cited in the study mentioned above.

Aside from these two studies, there’s little research on the effectiveness of essential oil-based bed bug treatments. However, the two studies that have been performed appear to show that EcoRaider works.

Unfortunately, since Say Bye Bugs is a relatively new product, there are no studies available online.

The manufacturer does not post any clinical trials or other information at its official website. However, EcoRaider uses a 1.3% combination of sodium lauryl sulfate, while Say Bye Bugs uses a 3% concentration.

It’s natural to think that Say Bye Bugs would be just as effective – if not more effective – than EcoRaider, although we don’t have enough scientific evidence to back that up.

Say Bye Bugs Pricing

Say Bye Bugs has a confusing pricing policy. Customers are advertised one rate upfront, only to discover that’s a promotional rate.

The manufacturer charges high shipping fees and forces you to sign up for an autoship program. Here’s how pricing breaks down:

-2 x 3oz Sprays: $18.95 + $7.50 shipping (promotional price for first month)

-2 x 24oz Sprays (Autoship): $57.95 + $7.50 shipping (automatically charged to your account 30 days after you order)

Fortunately, Say Bye Bugs doesn’t ship more products to your address after the first month. They autoship you 2 x 24 oz sprays, but that’s it.

Still, many customers are shocked to discover over $100 in credit card charges when they only expected to pay $19 for two small bed bug sprays.

Who Makes Say Bye Bugs?

Say Bye Bugs is produced in America and ships from a warehouse in Chicago. However, the Say Bye Bugs website lists the manufacturer’s headquarters as Ljubljana, Slovenia (they also have a Chicago address for returns).

That manufacturer is called Fobia d.o.o. The company was launched in 2010 by David Legin and Armando Legin, explains their About page.

You can contact the company at 1 (877) 466-3260 for refund information or to cancel your autoship program. All users get an email sent with account log in information where they can cancel with a single click. The company makes it easy to cancel by emailing [email protected] or by talking to their agents 24/7 via the live chat on their website. All customers additionally get a future billing notification 7 days prior to being shipped a new kit giving them enough time to cancel the auto-ship. And those that do forget are always given a refund if they explain they forgot about the 3 month plan.

Say Bye Bugs Review Summary

Say Bye Bugs appears to be a good product made by a reputable manufacturer. It uses similar ingredients to what we’ve seen on other natural bed bug killers on the market.

In scientific studies, some of these natural bed bug solutions have proven to be equally as effective as pesticides – and without the use of harmful chemicals.

Unfortunately, Say Bye Bugs has lots of competition. There’s EcoRaider, which has gone through scientific studies. There are also products like Bed Bug 911, Green Rest Easy, Stop Bugging Me, and Bed Bug Patrol.

All of these products are virtually identical – but are available at Walmart and other retailers for under $20.

The problem with Say Bye Bugs is its confusing and expensive pricing policy. The company uses an autoship program to repeatedly ship products to your address – and charge your credit card – despite the fact that you didn’t explicitly order them.

There’s also the fact that you get a 90 day refund policy – which went into effect recently and should be a great plus for those looking for enough time to judge its efficacy.

Ultimately, based on all this information, Say Bye Bugs appears to be trying to capitalize on the hype of the natural bed bug killer market. Unfortunately, there are too many competitors available at a cheaper price – and these products don’t have pricey autoship programs.


  1. We got bugs from relatives staying overnight. I did my research online. I did not want stinky harmful chemicals. This product has a fresh clean smell, and it kills bugs on contact. I have protective covers on mattress and box spring, so they go to the wall and around window frame to hide. I sprayed prob better than an exterminater, about every other day, until I did not see anymore. In about 3-5 days I would see one on my bed, just time to time. they are fast moving, so l keep a bottle close to my bed, so I can reach n get it to squirt the bug real quick, before it can get away. I’m sure that soon, I will see no more. But I plan to keep this product handy, even if I see none. because those bugs are hitch hikers. u can get one on your shoe or sock, or in your purse, anywhere., doctors office, restaurants, in a cab. It is nothing to do with cleanliness, they live on blood. So best to keep some on hand, even after they are all killed., cause if you thrift, or like flea markets, you could easily take them in your home again. or get one from anyplace, like I mentioned before. Nothing to do with how clean your house is., they are after blood, not food scraps. I highly recomnend this product. Safe for my breathing and my pets. smells fresh and clean. Hit the bug with one shot, and it’s really truly “Bye Bye Bugs.

  2. After finding bed bugs I immediately searched online for a product that had good reviews and safe for kids as well as our pets. Say Bye Bugs worked great for us with immediate results! Bugs are gone! Plus no stained walls, carpet, or bedding! Thank you Say Bye Bugs!

  3. i used it and in one day they was all gone i kept some around just in-case i see one then i spray my room again i can’t thank you enough for making these products kept them coming

  4. Your product does what it says. My life is getting better due to your product and all the work of my family to get rid of the bugs and keeping bug free

  5. I have been a SayByeBugs fan since December, 2016. I did a lot of online shopping and reading of reviews before deciding that SayByebugs was the best one to go with. I was not disappointed! Discovering bed bugs in your home is a most humbling, frustrating, and exhausting experience, and you need a great product on your side to eradicate them. I kept reading all kinds of reviews of people saying they had been battling bed bugs for months or even more than a year! Well, that wasn’t going to be me! I chose SayByeBugs, followed their instructions of how to get rid of them, and was successful! I needed a safe, natural product with no dangerous pesticides in it as I have children and pets in my home. And one of the best surprises, which I read in many reviews, is that there is no bad, lingering smell!! Now a friend of mine is dealing with the same problem and I immediately ordered SayByeBugs to the rescue for her!! I will recommend this product to everyone in the event that this epidemic problem befalls them. I read the above article about the product and the company, criticizing an autoship program and being overcharged. I must say, while there is an autoship program, I chose not to do that and they have never sent me any products on autoship nor have I had any surprise charges. The stuff is worth its weight in gold. And I will also commend the EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE that I have received from this company. You won’t be sorry if you get this product!!

  6. Say Bye Bugs product works and works well. I sprayed it in the corners and crevices of my room. The bed bug menace started reducing. I repeated for a month(weekly twice or so) and now I didnt see any bed bugs. It’s amazing to get my sleep back!! Thank you!

  7. The product works as it was described. After finding the nests and getting rid of the furniture where they were hiding and spraying very well I have not seen any other bugs. I could not sleep in my bed after we found out what the problem was. It was the worst problem I have ever had. The product works very well.

  8. SayByeBugs works, I did not think it would work, but it does and with the instructional support makes it even better. Thanks SayByeBugs.

  9. I wanna say thank you for your help on getting rid of those annoying bugs, i used it and now i can sleep so much better now. No more getting up in the middle of the night because of a bug biting me. This is a great product and not expense like other companys. Thank you so much

  10. I am very thankful for the Say Bye Bugs products. This spray does everything you said it would do. The first bug I sprayed was dead on contact! Very awesome! Since I sprayed the first time I have only seen 1 live bug and all the others were dead. I sprayed the second time after a week and haven’t seen any bugs! Thank you as you have saved me a lot of money. The covers I got for the bed and pillows are very nice as well. I have a cat and it did not harm her in any way. Once again thank you.

  11. I am grateful for Say Bye Bugs products!! I am a care giver and cannot use chemicals in our home. The spray and laundry detergent is working just as we were told it would without harmful chemicals. Thank you Say Bye Bugs team for being there for us!!


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