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One ailment that is commonly spoken of is osteoporosis, which is the loss of bone mass. However, there is also a lesser known issue caused by the loss of muscle mass, which is called Sarcopenia. For a long time, little, if any, focus has been put on this condition. Aging comes with a lot of threats and one of them the minimal ability to stay healthy and functional due to muscle loss.

In the recent past, however, loss of muscle mass has gained recognition. This has led to the discovery of possible solutions to cure the condition. One such remedy is the use of proven supplements that can effectively boost the muscle mass.

Causes Of Sarcopenia

It is important that you know what causes Sarcopenia apart from usual aging, which is associated with slow movements and gradual decline of the muscle strength. Some other causes include the following:

Mostly, this condition is seen among people with lower levels of physical activity, but it has also been associated with those who do engage in physical activities. This has led to development of a supplement to help prevent this condition.

What Are Sarcopenia Supplements?

Sarcopenia Supplements are made up of an additional set of nutrients which help in providing muscles loss solutions. Sarcopenia supplements include of protein, amino acids, creatine, calcium, and vitamin D. Mostly, it is advised that you engage in physical activities when on this supplements. This is so as to ensure effectiveness.

Indulging in ways that increase the level of protein is important in facing this condition. Supplementation has shown slower rates of muscle loss among the elderly. Similarly, the amino acids in the supplement have also helped in maintaining and constantly building muscles. 30 to 40 grams of this supplement is what is needed in a day to help in reversing muscle loss.

The nutritional ingredients found in the supplements are:


There is a muscle fiber that is essential during high intensity work outs such as heavy weight lifting and sprinting. These fibers are what is affected by the creatine supplement. It helps in attenuating age related muscle loss and helps in improving your ability to perform.

Vitamin D

This vitamin has a big role in maintaining the health of bones and also the mass of the muscles. It helps in preserving fibers in the muscles which are prone to aging among the old. Lack of this vitamin has been associated with poor bone formation and also muscle function.


It is difficult for most elderly people to acquire high quality proteins from dietary sources. Optimal intake of protein has been seen possible in the sarcopenia supplements. This protein supplement contains amino acids that help in preserving lean muscle in people of all ages.

Benefits of Using Sarcopenia Supplements

Many medical researchers have associated Sarcopenia Supplements with a lot of benefits to the elderly in society. These benefits include the following:

  • Proteins and amino acids in the supplements have seen a great overall improvement of health among the elderly.
  • Taking proteins from other dietary sources among the elderly has been a difficult process. However, supplements have ensured that the elderly community takes in a good quality of protein which is essential in the maintenance of body muscles.
  • The risk of having other age related diseases has been reduced with the consumption of these supplements. This is because muscle mass is maintained and also built.
  • With old age, the ability of your body to breakdown proteins found in sources such as meat is reduced. Supplements therefore come in handy in ensuring that your body contains the required amount of proteins.
  • These supplements contain aminogen which plays an important role in ensuring that the lean muscle mass is maintained among the elderly community.
  • Similarly, this aminogen has the ability to help in tripling the absorption of proteins among the elderly. This helps in lowering the symptoms of incomplete protein digestion.

Side Effects

These supplements have proven very useful, and there have been few if any side effects. This is supported by the fact that these supplements only contain the important nutrients in your body. These nutrients include vitamins, calcium, and also proteins.

Following how complex the sarcopenia process is and how very multifaceted its effects on your life can seem, there are still ways to face this condition such as nutrition, physical activities, and therapy. All of these can be supplemented with the use of Sarcopenia Supplements. This will increase their efficiency and in the end help in curbing the threatening condition.

Top Sarcopenia Supplements Products

Some the top products that can help with sarcopenia include the following:

Sarcopenia Supplements Review Summary

This condition, sarcopenia, is a critical health issue that increases the chances getting sick and also causes disability. Age related muscle loss is a complex issue. It can be faced, however, by following nutritional and exercise strategies. Supplementation is also an important aspect that should be considered.

These supplements have a key role in maintaining the muscle mass and function. Remember to also engage in other physical activities and also watch your nutrition. Similarly, if the condition is chronic it is important to engage in therapeutic activities. If you have not reached the age of 40-60, increase your physical activities to help reduce the chances of early muscle loss.

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