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Sambucol Review – Should You Buy It?

It feels like every year from August to May is one long cold season. For most families, these colds can be traced right back to school, where children seem to share germs and sicknesses more than anything else. Even those who don’t have children are plagued with these waves of sicknesses, inevitably catching at least one of the bugs that gets passed around.

The problem with colds and flus is that, unless the immune system is always at its strongest, they can knock down anyone. The key to surviving these bugs is to support the immune system even when sicknesses aren’t going around, so it is prepped and ready next flu and cold season.

The best way to naturally boost the immune system is by using one of the many Sambucol Black Elderberry products. Coming in a variety of syrups and tablets, these natural supplements use the natural immune boosting powers the black elderberry offers, giving users just what they need to stay healthy this year.

What is Sambucol?

Sambucol is a dietary supplement that provides immune support by using a powerful natural extract of the elderberry. Considered the original Black Elderberry extract, Sambucol has long been providing support for the immune system to people of all ages, offering products that work for adults and children. The extract used in Sambucol is made to protect the body using the natural power offered by Black Elderberries.

Sambucol isn’t an ordinary supplement. It was actually developed by virologist Dr. Madeleine Mumcuoglu. The doctor is renowned throughout the world for her expertise in the field of viruses and natural ways to combat them. With the Sambucol Black Elderberry extract, users will be able to harness the benefits offered by the berry. And, because Dr. Mumcuoglu is so sure of the Sambucol products, Sambucol can guarantee that users will get immune support in every single serving of the supplement.

How Sambucol Works

The key behind the effectiveness of Sambucol is that it contains powerful flavonoids that work to support the immune system. There are specific flavonoids that can only be found in the pigments of darker fruits, like the dark blue and purple hues found in black elderberries. These flavonoids work as antioxidants in the immune system, stimulating it to fight and cleanse toxins from the system.

Because black elderberries contain twice the amount of antioxidants as blueberries and 50% more than cranberries, the berries are considered some of the most powerful antioxidants on earth. The power of the flavonoids acting as antioxidants in Sambucol neutralize the free radicals, or deformed molecules, in the body. And, because Sambucol uses a distinctive formula and extraction process on the elderberries, it increases these benefits tenfold.

The entire manufacturing process used to create Sambucol products focuses on harnessing the natural power of the flavonoids and specific antioxidants found in the black elderberry. Every product released by Sambucol contains as many as 1000 black elderberries (120ml bottles). This dense nutrient blend offers double the natural antioxidant capacity of other berries, like blueberries, and makes it safe for the entire family to use.

Benefits of Black Elderberry

Sambucol wouldn’t be the effective supplement it is today without the amazing capabilities and benefits offered by the black elderberry. Known for its high flavonoid content, made up of antioxidants that aren’t found in everyday diets, the black elderberry is able to give Sambucol users a concentrated dose of all the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals they need to stay healthy.

And, black elderberries aren’t just good for boosting the immune system. The little black fruits have a host of other health benefits that make them ideal for those trying to live a healthy lifestyle.

Black elderberry is able to:

-Boost the Immune System
Aid Weight Loss
-Reduce Wrinkles and Fine Lines
-Even Out Cholesterol Levels
-Treat Respiratory Conditions
-Support Digestive Health
Lower Blood Pressure
-Manage Diabetes
-Increase Bone Strength
-Support New Tissue Growth
-Support Cardiovascular Health
-Alleviate Joint Pain
-Minimize Inflammation
-Reduce Muscle Soreness

And all these benefits are offered in the small daily dose of Sambucol needed.

Black Elderberry Nutritional Facts

The reason black elderberries are able to offer the body so many amazing benefits is because they offer higher than usually nutrient, vitamin, and mineral levels than other fruits and vegetables. These increased amounts, when concentrated as they are in Sambucol, are able to support the natural health of the body, giving users what they need to fight daily bugs and improve their overall health in the long run.

With the daily value per 100 grams, black elderberries have the following percentages of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals:

Dietary Fiber – 28%
Protein – 1%
Vitamin C – 60%
Vitamin A – 12%
Vitamin B6 – 11%
Thiamin – 5%
Iron – 9%
Potassium – 8%
Calcium – 4%

It should be remembered that these percentages are based on raw black elderberries. In their concentrated form, as they’re found in Sambucol, these percentages will be much higher.

Sambucol Recipes

Sambucol Black Elderberry Syrup isn’t just a natural supplement that works to boost the body’s immune system, it can also be a delicious addition to foods and drinks. Not only can Sambucol be baked into foods, it can also be added to drinks to give an extra boost of flavor and nutrients. Some popular uses of the Sambucol elderberry syrup are to drizzle it on yoghurt or applesauce, bake into cakes or waffles, or even add it to sparkling water.

Not only do Sambucol syrups contain the nutrients and vitamins the body needs to have a strong immune system that can resist flus and colds.

The Sambucol website has several different recipes that offer users a variety of ways to add Sambucol to their daily menus. These recipes make it easy to add Sambucol syrups and their amazing nutrients to delicious and easy to make dishes and drinks.


Sombucol offers a wide variety of products. Each one contains the powerful and effective black elderberry. While every product has its own specific benefits, they all work to give the body what it needs to overcome cold and flu symptoms in a fast and natural way.

A brief list of the products offered by Sambucol, as well as their prices.

Original Syrups

Original (4 fluid ounces) – $12.99
Original Liquid Extract (7.8 fluid ounces) – $24.99
Sugar Free Liquid Extract – $12.99
Black Elderberry Pastilles – $9.99
Black Elderberry Kids Syrup (Large) – $24.99

Original Tablets

Original Tablets – $12.99
Effervescent Tablets – $9.99
Black Elderberry Pastilles – $9.99

Cold and Flu Symptom Relief

Cold and Flu Night Time Syrup – $12.99
Cold and Flu Relief – $12.99

Sambucol for Kids

Liquid Extract – $12.99
Sugar Free Liquid Extract – $12.99
Elderberry Kids Syrup (Large) – $24.99

Original Plus Vitamin C and Zinc

Effervescent Tablets – $9.99
Original Plus Vitamin C and Zinc Liquid Extract – $12.99

Purchasing Sambucol Products

All of the Sambucol products are available for purchase on its website. However, for those who want to find a store near them that offer Sambucol, there is a store locator on the Sambucol website where users can find nearby locations.

Sambucol is offered in a variety of stores. These stores include:

-Vitamin Shoppe
-Brookshore Grocery
-Navarro Drug
-Rite Aid
-Hi-School Pharmacy
-Harris Teeter
-Duane Reade

Sambucol is sold in several countries in the select stores mentioned above.

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