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Sage Project Review – Will It Work For You?

With society forced to face the growing obesity problem and overall health risks, eating healthy has become more needed than ever before. Thanks to all the available literature and resources, healthy eating is not as daunting as it sounds. The first step is to set up a successful eating plan keeping nine tips in mind. The key to a healthy diet is moderation, reducing sugar, eating a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables, bulking up on fiber, choosing healthy carbohydrates and whole grains, adding calcium for bone healthy, adding protein for energy, being conscious of food intake, and including foods rich in omega-3 fats, “healthy” fats.

Whether the goal is to lose weight or stay in shape, health and fitness revolve around a healthy diet. Healthy eating is doesn’t necessarily require strict dietary limitations, extreme weight loss, or depriving the body of all the cravings. The goal of healthy mental, emotional, and physical health is feeling good, having more energy, and improving one’s overall outlook on life.

Eating right allows the maintenance of a healthy weight, and the avoidance of specific health problems that arise from dietary deficiencies. Whatever food or drink is consumed into the body has an overwhelming effect on mood and a sense of well-being. The average Western diet consists mostly of processed meats, packaged meals, takeout, snacks high in sugar, and high calorie beverages. These unhealthy diets result in higher rates of stress, anxiety, depression, and mental health disorders.

Although mainstream media promotes various techniques that promise weight loss, weight management still boils down to the intake of calories versus the calories that are burned off. Calories are the energy from food, which the body demands. However, the stored calories will remain in the body and turn into fat unless they are used up. The simple solution to avoid weight gain is burn more calories than are consumed.

In this day and age, individuals rely on technology to assist them in daily tasks. Recent smartphone technology has allowed individuals to access a variety of apps and websites that make keeping track of health and fitness customizable and easy. Because nutrition is the basis to a healthy diet, Sage Project is an innovative app that provides food data in the form of smart, personalized, simple labels.

About Sage Project

As mentioned previously, Sage Project is a platform where food data is compiled using information from products sold by featured brands. Based in New York, the company was created by a team of data scientists, designers, dietitians, and creative technologists. Their mission was to change the way people viewed food nutrition and create a platform that allowed people from diverse perspectives to have a free space to explore wellness. Sage Project believes that all food data should be readily available, reliable and actionable. The simplicity of the platform’s technology provides visual cues, making the data easy to understand, free of scientific jargon and misinformation. Individuals can personalize the data to fit their needs, prioritizing their health goals.

For those who go shopping regularly, getting nutritional data can be daunting. Not only is the nutritional information presented in a complex way, but it is hard to understand and apply to personal dietary needs for those who are unfamiliar with the terms.

Sage Project has branded themselves as the next-generation food data platform, moving away from conventional methods and approaching nutrition from a holistic perspective. By creating visual labels for food, Sage Project is unlike many other food apps on the market. The company aims at bridging the gap between popular brands and consumers, allowing information to be shared accurately.

Currently, there are approximately 20,000 products represented and available for purchase on the app. Based on dietary restrictions, individuals can select options such as if the product contains additives or preservatives, or how many calories should be burned in order to burn off the calories. The goal is for customers to understand the quality standards of the products based on their sourcing. Because customers are not aware of the labor, or environmental features of manufacturing, Sage Project utilizes technology to provide all of the information, completing the story.

Featured Brands

The first to create a platform for brands to share nutritional data with their customers, Sage Project has teamed up with popular brands to allow consumers to make sensible decisions about their food choices, building trust with brands and customers. In order for brand owners to be paired with Sage Project, they must successfully complete three steps.

When the brand first signs up, they offer Sage Project information about their company and mission, providing information about what products they make and their goals for the future. After signing up, the brand then shares the ingredients of their products, how and where they are sourced, their carbon footprint, nutritional information, and additional product data. Once Sage Project has compiled all the data, they streamline the brand content in order to provide customers with visual data with opportunities to communicate, update, expand, and change the desired parameters.

Although tailored for consumer usage, Sage Project is a powerful example of how brands can benefit from the consumer feedback and make changes to increase their sales and achieve results. Using Sage Project allows brands to market their platform and interact with potential customers. For businesses to remain successful they must maintain brand recognition. The platform allows for brands to be visible and accessible for new customers, while remaining familiar and noticed by existing customers.

In addition to brand recognition, as Sage Project increases in popularity, more people will be introduced to a new variety of brands. Because of their user-friendly approach and innovative technology, their platform will result in higher levels of loyalty from their customers, allowing the featured brands to reach more people than ever before. The advantage of using apps and social media to connect the business world to the lives of consumers allows brands to connect with their audience and to improve and adapt to the needs of their customers. The following is a list of brand that are currently affiliated with Sage Project:


  • Whole Foods Market
  •  KIND Snacks
  •  365 Everyday Value
  •  Applegate
  •  Driscoll’s
  •  Stonyfield Organic
  •  So Delicious
  •  Siggi’s
  •  FAGE
  •  GTS Kombucha
  •  Just Mayo
  •  Nature’s Path Organic
  •  Clif Bar
  •  Amy’s Kitchen
  •  Beyond Meat
  •  Organicgirl
  •  Saffron Road
  •  Glutino
  •  Happy Family Brands
  •  Organic Valley
  •  Tate’s Bake Shop
  •  Cal-Organic
  •  The Original Brat Hans
  •  Alter Eco
  •  Talenti
  •  Noosa
  •  Suja Elements
  •  Stumptown Coffee Roasters
  •  Annie’s Homegrown
  •  GoMacro
  •  Ancient Harvest
  •  Dr. Praeger’s Sensible Foods
  •  Pop Art
  •  Cascadian Farm
  •  Annie Chun’s
  •  Justin’s
  •  Izzie Sparkling Juice
  •  Yogi Tea
  •  Coolhaus
  •  Mamma Chia
  •  Hiball Energy
  •  Udi’s Gluten Free
  •  Sir Kensington’s
  •  The Republic of Tea
  •  Earth’s Best Organic
  •  Simply Organic
  •  Late July
  •  Jackson’s Honest
  •  Tanka
  •  EPIC bar
  •  Muir Glen
  •  TERRA Chips
  •  Horizon Organic
  •  GoodBelly
  •  Brown Cow
  •  Wallaby Yogurt Company
  •  Engine 2
  •  Harmless Harvest
  •  Purely Elizabeth
  •  Green Valley Organics
  •  Ciao Bella
  •  Evolution Fresh


Sage Project allows customers to refine and filter their search requests through a variety of categories which includes nutrients, health preferences, social preferences, certifications, diets, and allergens. For example, customers can search food items by selecting dairy-free, gluten-free, ketogenic, paleo, pescatarian, raw, sugar-free, vegan, or vegetarian health restrictions. Products, and additional information can be found on their website (

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