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RXGenesys Review – Is It For You?

The problem with aging is that even through the body begins to look older, most people don’t feel like they’re older. They still want to learn, discover, and have fun, just like they did when they were younger. Unfortunately, their bodies don’t reflect these feelings.

As people age, their skin begins to sag, causing wrinkles, lines, and loss of brightness. Until now, the most people could do to combat this aging of the skin is cover it with makeup, and that’s if they tried anything at all. However, as science and medicine have advanced, more and more insight in to what causes aging and ways to combat those causes are coming to light.

RXGenesys Stem Cell Skin Care System uses new advances in science to fight seven different dimensions of the aging process of the skin. By fighting the aging process of skin from all angles, RXGenesys is able to give users the beautiful, radiant skin they’ve always wanted, so their youthful, healthy glow matches how they feel on the inside.

About RXGenesys

RXGenesys is skin care system that uses technological and medical advances in stem cell research to fight multiple levels of aging. The technology used by RXGenesys is some of the most advanced type available today, supported by Noble Price Award winning research. By using this technology and combining it with ingredients that support the healthy care of aging skin, RXGenesys is able to help its users look as young as they feel.

When people are born, the stem cells in their systems work as self-repairing agents, keeping the skin revitalized and youthful. Unfortunately, the number of stem cells in the body weaken and decrease over time, causing the looks of aging everyone is so familiar with, wrinkles, lines, and uneven skin tones.

RXGenesys fights aging by using a stem cell extract and putting it back in the skin, penetrating the layers of skin so that even beneath the surface, users are helping their skin look and feel young again. And RXGenesys doesn’t just aid the skin with one or two causes of aging, it works through seven dimensions of the aging process to give users the youthful skin for which they’ve always dreamed..

Theses seven dimensions of aging are:

Fine Lines
-Photo Aging

The Science behind RXGenesys

While it’s one thing to say a skincare product line is based on technology supported by Nobel Prize Award winning research, it’s another to have the science to support those claims. RXGenesys has both.

Created by Dr. Jeffrey Gibson, the technology behind RXGenesys isolates stem cell extract from non-embryonic, human stem cells. These stem cells, also known as youth messengers, are placed into the products that make up the RXGenesys line.

Not only are the products in the RXGenesys line based on this technology, but they are also developed by a team of expert formulators. These experts have experience as doctors and some have Ph.D.’s in biotech. All this experience ensures customers that RXGenesys contains stem cell extracts that are both stabile and the most effective.

Every product sold by RXGenesys goes through extensive, independent testing for safety and efficacy. The guidelines used to measure the success of these tests are regulated by the United States FDA. The testing organization used by RXGenesys is Princeton Consumer Research, an internationally recognized and valued expert in the field.

To make sure the results of RXGenesys products proved to be effective, Dr. Gibson asked Princeton Consumer Research to do a double-blind clinical study. He hoped the study would certify both the safety and the effectiveness of RXGenesys products. And the results showed more than Dr. Gibson could have hoped.

100% noticed a reduction in the appearance of fine lines

100% noticed a visible improvement in the level of moisture of their skin

94% noticed a visible improvement of their skin’s radiance

94% noticed a visible improvement of their skin complexion

91% noticed a visible improvement of their skin’s texture

88% noticed a visible improvement in the appearance of their skin’s elasticity

56% reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in 56 days

43% visible improvement of the appearance of skin’s elasticity in 56 days

43% visible improvement of the appearance of skin’s firmness in 56 days

0 Adverse reactions

RXGenesys Products

There are several product options offered by RXGenesys. Some are available for purchase individually, while others only come in package options. Each product has a very clear purpose and works to provide users with very obvious results. While even using one of RXGenesys products will show results in protecting the skin from aging, using the products in tandem with each other shows faster and more noticeable results.

The product list, as well as prices for the items that can be purchased individually, are listed below.

RxVital – $119.95

This revitalizing serum works to repair the body while it sleeps, infusing the skin each night with its wrinkle-fighting capabilities. RxVital gives users the most concentrated form of the RXGenesys Complex to give users youthful, radiant skin in a shorter amount of time.

The best way to use RxVital is to cleanse the skin properly first, letting the skin absorb the revitalizing serum before adding a moisturizer. Since the body’s cell renovation is most active in the body at night, the skin gets the most benefits from this process when used before bed.


Starting in the center of the face, apply the créme up and out to give the face a lift. Let créme penetrate for 30 seconds. Apply evenly to face.

RxMoisturizer – $69.95

An extremely powerful nourishing face crème, RxMoisturizer does exactly what it insinuates: It infuses the skin with hydrating and nourishing ingredients to give it the tone and radiance of youthful skin. The moisturizing crème should be used every morning and evening, to help the skin stay soft and smooth throughout the day. It’s important for users to pay special attention to fine line prone areas, like around the eyes and mouth, when using RxMoisturizer.


Starting in the center of the face, apply the créme up and out to give the face a bit of a lift. Let créme penetrate for 30 seconds. Apply evenly to face.


While this cleanser made with soothing green tea can’t be purchased individually, it is available in several of the package options which are listed below.

RxCleanser soothes and revitalizes the skin in the morning and before bed, gently removing oil, dirt, and makeup from the skin, so it feels clean and pure. Using it in both the morning and the evening will give users the best benefits. It’s the perfect foundation for preparing the skin before the rest of the RXGenesys products are applied to the skin.


Apply cleanser gently with hands, sponge or wash cloth. Rinse off with cool water. Avoid washing the face more than twice a day as doing so can make the skin dry.


A crème that renews the radiance of the skin, this product is also unavailable for purchase individually, but can be found in several of the group options below.

The point of RxIlluminator is to give aging skin a more even tone, hiding any unevenness in texture or complexion. By evening out the skin tone, this renewing crème is able to keep the entire look of the face youthful and radiant. RxIlluminator is best used in the morning, before applying makeup or other products.


Starting in the center of the face, apply up and out to give the face a bit of a lift. Let créme penetrate for 30 seconds. Apply evenly to face and neck.

RxGenesys Travel Kit – $39.95

This travel kit offers some of the RXGenesys favorites, just in travel size. Perfect for the person on the go who depends on RXGenesys products to stay looking young and healthy.

RXGenesys Complete Beauty System – 3 Payments of $39.95

This all inclusive package includes several of the RXGenesys products needed to jumpstart and maintain healthy, beautiful skin.

The system includes:

RxCleanser (100 ml) – Soothing Green Tea Cleanser

RxMoisturizer (50 ml) – Nourishing Face Crème

RxIlluminator (30 ml) – Radiance Renewal Crème

RxVital (30 ml) – Revitalizing Serum

RXGenesys Premium Beauty System – 3 Payments of $48.95

For those who want a few extra RXGenesys products, the Premium Beauty System is the perfect option. It comes with several of the products available for individual purpose, but also a few that can’t be purchased any other way.

The system includes:

RxCleanser (100 ml) – Soothing Green Tea Cleanser

RxMoisturizer (50 ml) – Nourishing Face Crème

RxIlluminator (30 ml) – Radiance Renewal Crème

2X RxVital (30 ml) – Revitalizing Serum

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