Runlites Gloves – Runner’s Rechargeable Hand Glove Flashlights?


The reality is, there simply is not enough daylight hours in a day to get everything done that we would like – well for most of the population anyhow. So, sometimes this means we are having to take our run or walk in the evening hours, or taking the dog for a walk, and so on.

It is probably you don’t want with a head lamp on, and most people are not draping themselves in florescent colors either. Or, perhaps you are simply getting in later and having to walk from a bus stop in the dark. These are not always, the safest options.

But, what can you do?

That is what Runlites Gloves thought too! They have created gloves that include rechargeable built-in lights that you can wear on your hands regardless of the activity you are doing. This might even include simply looking for something in a dark closet or attic, where you require the use of both hands. Flashlights are not always the best option and this is where RunLites makes up for those shortfalls.

These gloves are ideal for those fitness enthusiasts who take their run in the evening, where by wearing these gloves, will not only light up the way for you, but ensure that others see you coming as well.

Hunters are also taking advantage of RunLites and other outdoor experts and campers alike. Let’s look at some of the key features of this product.

Runlites Gloves Features


With two (2) brightness levels, 40 lumens or 80 lumens, you are able to adjust based on dusk or darkness. The rechargeable batteries allow for long lasting light (up to 48 hours) and will not have you worrying about losing their power.

The light unit itself is removable and when in use, can project a 135-degree radial light arc. The lights have an easy on and off button and is operated by one touch.


The Runlites Gloves come in both full length and half length, this might depend on your preference, the climate, the activity, etc. They are described as lightweight and are of a breathable fabric. The gloves themselves also have a reflective strip on them to add to visibility when out in the dusk or darkness.

The gloves come in both adults and children’s sizes and a variety of different styles to choose from.

Three Categories of Runlites Gloves

  • Runners, cyclists and athletes
  • Outdoorsmen and Survivalists
  • Everyday use

The new, colorful spring RunLites line are retailing for $24.95 and the light is not included. They come in both short length, and longer and are in a variety of different colors to choose from.

They also carry RunLites Sling, and it is available for $17.95 and is a one size fits most style. Another product is called the RunLites rowing, which includes the LED light and retails for $24.95 – this item is designed for rowers of all ages. It is a bit bulkier than the other products and is to compensate for the environmental differences.

You can also purchase the lights separately, and they retail for $19.95.

The next category is the Original RunLites Sets. This set includes the LED light. They range is cost from $34.99 for the half-length gloves and $39.99 for the full length. Presently, they have two (2) gloves marked down considerably to $19.99 for the RunLites Sports Gloves in a CAMO print (half-length) and the RunLites Sports Gloves in CAMO print (full-length).

The final category are the Winter Fleece, Mittens and Liners. These options do not include the lights as they are sold separately for $19.95. The mittens available in a variety of colors and sizes retail for $29.95 as well as the gloves that are shown only in black for $29.95. There is also a liner option where the thumb is exposed, and they retail for $12.95.

Another cool feature of the RunLites products is that all the fingers tips have a patch to enable smartphone usage while wearing them. The Original RunLites also have a small pocket in the palm where you can carry identification, cash or other small items should you want to while out on your run (or other activities).

It would appear, that RunLites created these products, with consumer safety and the consideration in mind. There are multiple reviews available on their website all of which are from very satisfied customers.

So, next time you are off on your evening run, or working up in the attic or other small dark places, let RunLites light up your way. Affordable, easy to use, lightweight and takes the hassle out of flashlights and other lighting that you might otherwise not bother with.

The best way to order is to visit the website and decide upon which ones, suit you best!

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