Rock Health – Legit Healthcare Startups Venture Capitalist?


Rock Health is a venture capital company that focuses on providing seed money to entrepreneurs and companies working within the healthcare technology field. Rock Health was founded in 2010 and offers start up investments of $100,000 to $500,000 to promising partners who are offering innovative solutions and ideas falling within the healthcare technology field.

Rock Health helps ensure that the greatest ideas get started by removing the obstacle of funding from the companies who are working so hard to improve the health care system through technology. Please read below to learn more about Rock Health.

What is Rock Health?

Rock Health is a seed money, venture capital company based in San Francisco. Rock Health is focused on investing in companies working within the field of healthcare technology. Additionally, Rock Health offers strategic and operational support, co-working space, and access to a team of highly respected network partners, medical centers, and clinicians.

This fund invests in companies that are working hard to make healthcare better for everyone by helping reduce costs and improving overall services through technology. Rock Health believes in companies that are trying to help make healthcare more reliable, affordable, and easier to access. This company is dedicated to helping fund ideas that will help make healthcare systems better and more effective for all users.

They have invested in partners that are working to help improve hospital systems, mental health support, diabetes care, and even smoking cessation. Rock Health is led by a team of experts that consider every potential partner and they choose the companies they invest in based on their potential and the specific area of need and demand.

Rock Health works hand in hand with the companies they invest in whether it is working side by side to help fundraise or get their brand out their effective PR or from helping develop an overall business plan; Rock Health aims to help every partner become successful.

Rock Health Company Details

Rock Health was founded in 2010 by Nate Gross, M.D. and is based in the bioscience hub of San Francisco, Mission Bay. This office and coworking space aims to give people an innovative space bringing together people who are the movers and shakers within the healthcare technology industry.

Their partners are industry leaders in healthcare and include recognizable names such as AARP, CVS Health, Kaiser Permanente, and Sanofi. Rock Health offer links to every one of their company’s partners on their website.

Consumers interested in knowing just how much Rock Health has invested can visit the website Crunchbase that lists every partner and the investment amount. The Crunchbase website is located at People interested in seeing the full biographies of the current Rock Health team members can visit Crunchbase to see full bios of each member.

Since 2010, Rock Health has made ninety three investments in eighty companies. Some of these companies include Mango Health that utilizes game technology to include healthcare access, Neutotrack that is working to support brain health tracking, and Doctor on Demand that gives users access to a board certified doctor simply through their phone or iPad. Rock Health is part of a slew of seed money companies but it is the only one dedicated to funding projects within the healthcare technology field.

Please visit the Rock Health website at to learn more about this company.


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