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So often people fall into habits that, though not exactly negative for them, don’t improve their lives in any way. This was why Rituals was created. The company was based around the idea that if people pay a little more attention to their daily rituals, if more thought and deliberation were put into these habits, the overall quality of life would improve.

One of the most important part of these daily rituals is to make sure the skin care products being used are of the highest quality, supporting the mindset that people need before starting their days.

About Rituals

Started in 2000, the goal of Rituals was always to transform the routines that everyone fall into, making them more meaningful. The founder of Rituals, Raymond Cloosterman, felt that if just a little more attention was paid to these moments, they would become more meaningful. As a result, Rituals was created.

The company offers body and skin care products, as well as candle, clothes, perfumes, and even teas. All these products are designed around enriching the body, as well as the soul. Rituals believes that it’s the small things that add up to give people happiness.

With this concept in mind, Rituals creates indulgent, luxury beauty and lifestyle products, giving users what they need to power through their days with confidence and happiness. As these little things add up, they tilt the scales towards better days and an overall better lifestyle.

What Makes Rituals Different?

One thing that truly sets Rituals and its many different products apart from other lifestyle brands is that the inspiration behind the company comes from Eastern traditions. As the modern world gets more cluttered and chaotic, going back to the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, Dao, or the Samurai brings back a balance and peace to many.

Using modern technologies and innovations and mixing them with the traditions and balance of these ancient traditions makes Rituals unlike any other company on the market.

As hinted at above, another thing that sets Rituals apart from other companies is how immersive it is in ancient, Eastern traditions. While some companies find a few key pieces of inspiration from Laughing Buddha or Ayurveda, Rituals is one of the only companies that fully immerses itself in these ideals.

Because of this immersion, Rituals has created a product line for each of these traditions, keeping them separate as a way of celebrating their uniqueness.

The inspiration behind Rituals’ products would mean nothing if it weren’t for the powerful, innovative formulas used to create them. The company often says that it owes all of its success to using the best ingredients, from its teas and clothes to its perfumes and skin care products.

By using these natural, effective ingredients, Rituals is able to offer products that aren’t only distinct, but are able to give users the results they want when it comes to improving their lives.

Even though Rituals is all about improving the small moments in its customer’s lives, the company does not sacrifice the well-being of society or the environment to make this happen.

Not only does Rituals use natural ingredients that are never tested on animals, but the company also strives to minimize its carbon footprint as much as possible. This means Rituals creates products that are free of harmful substances, renewable, and supportive of the environment.

Products Sold by Rituals

As mentioned above, Rituals sells its products through distinct lines that are all based off a unique Eastern tradition. For those wondering where to start when it comes to shopping Rituals, the brief descriptions of each of the product lines found below should be able to help.

  • The Ritual of Ayurveda – Supporting harmony and natural beauty.
  • The Ritual of Dao – Supporting inner peace and tranquility.
  • The Ritual of Sakura – Products which use cherry blossom and organic rice milk to support natural beauty.
  • The Ritual of Laughing Buddha – Positive, uplifting products that contain mandarin and revitalizing Yuzu.
  • The Ritual of Hammam – Using rosemary and eucalyptus to cleanse, nourish, and soften the skin.
  • The Ritual of Samurai – Products that help men groom themselves to perfection.

All of these product lines, as well as additional information, can be found on the Rituals website.

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