Rien Pipe GR – Stress Free No-Nicotine Quit Smoking Program?


About Rien Pipe GR

The Rien Pipe GR is a program designed by Rien Pipe that helps cigarette smokers ween off from their smoking addiction by gradually reducing the need for tobacco products. This product claims that it can reduce amount of nicotine and tar inhaled while smoking cigarettes. As a result, this could reduce one’s smoking pace. Rien Pipe claims that this product can decrease the amount of nicotine inhaled 3% each day. Within the first month, it is claimed that the amount of nicotine inhalation can decrease by a total of 95%.

Benefits of Rien Pipe GR

The benefits of this smoke free program include the following:

  • Safe and side effect free
  • It’s not an e-cigarette or a vaporizer
  • Compatible with regular cigarettes (Rien Pipe recommends his Pipe GS anti-smoking program for smoke slims/superslims)
  • Stress free

How to Use the Product

Using the Rien Pipe GR is pretty simple to use. It can be attached to the cigarette, and users can smoke as usual. This filter does its job by reducing the amount of nicotine and tar inhaled. It is claimed that consistent users of this product will notice results within the first month

Where to Purchase Rien Pipe GR

The Rien Pipe GR can be can in select retail platforms on line like Amazon. The pricing for the product will be priced around $139.

Conclusion – Is Rien Pipe GR Legit For Smokers Who Want To Quit Smoking?

It is hard to determine the legitimacy of the product to the extreme lack of detailed information provided to potential buyers. They say what the product is supposed to do, but they do not provide the science behind it to convince potential customers how this will work. Once more information is provided to support the claims of this product, it is not recommended at the moment.

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