The market is loaded with a variety of sweet laden dessert options like ice creams, yoghurts, cakes, but if were to check out their nutritional values, more often than not, we would find that they would be unhealthy for us in the long run. Conventional desserts are usually packed with fats, processed sugars and dairy components that can severely impede the overall burning of fat within our bodies.

As an alternative to this, there are now many products that have been devised to counter this issue. For example, Reveri has recently launched a range of plant based sweets that are not only sweet and creamy, but also come with no fattening agents or unnecessary sugars.

A Little Background About Reveri

According to the official company website, the vision of the company was conceived with a simple question: what if a dessert could love you back?. The founders basically took on the challenge of coming up with a product that could not only taste excellent, but also not blow up our daily calorie budget.

Through the use of special plants, fruits and other ingredients, Reveri has been able to deliver customers with a wide variety of natural sweet dishes. It is also interesting to note that Reveri is the world’s first “plant based ice cream”. The products contain natural derivatives which have been naturally sweetened through the use of whole fruits, vegetables and other extracts.

What Is Reveri?

In its basic essence, Reveri is a ‘dessert-like treat’ that has been made through the use of natural plants and ingredients. The chosen nutrients allow us to feel good long after we have even washed the dishes and put them away. Also, unlike other ice creams that use dairy thickeners, Reveri comes infused with soluble dietary fiber (gluten-free from wheat) which gives it its rich creamy texture. It is also important to note that, each serving of any Reveri flavour can provide our bodies with upto 30-40% of the RDA of fiber required for optimal body functionality.

Other key aspects of Reveri

Digestive Help:

As mentioned previously, there is high quality Dietary fiber present within the various flavors. They are an important macronutrient for us and our needed by our bodies to maintain good intestinal function. Other key ingredients include healthy carbohydrates, protein, and essential fats.

Weight Management:

Since there are no processed sugars n the mix, the plant based ice cream is able to help in the release of insulin within our bodies. This not only helps us curb our weight levels, but also allows for the optimal secretion of other important hormones within our bodies.

Cellular Hydration:

Owing to the fact that there are no chemically synthesised agents in the mix, Reveri is able to deliver amazing plant based aqueous nutrition to our cells. When the cells of our body are able to run at a high level, we are able to receive many medical benefits.

Heart Health:

An often overlooked aspect of Reveri ice creams is the fact that the active agents within the different flavours have been shown to help in the maintenance of our heart and cardiovascular muscles. Not only that, the added plants also help in directly reducing cholesterol levels by clearing out harmful accumulations of fats that might be present within our arterial network.

Reveri Flavor Options

(i) Field of Green:

This variant comes infused with a blended combination of sweet fruits, green veggies and cashews. In terms of its appearance, the dessert looks smooth, refreshing and is light-tasting. Due to its lightness, the treat can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

(ii) Chocolate Forest:

This Belgian dark chocolate infused treat is highly rich and packs in a lot of subtle flavours into it. It is sugar free and all its sweetness comes from whole dates. Additionally, the creaminess is derived from avocado and raw cocoa nibs.

(iii) Strawberry Patch:

As the name suggests, this strawberry treat is made without the use of any dairy or added sugar. Even after that we can see that the dessert is smooth and luscious like ice cream. It is naturally sweet and its key flavor from strawberries and dates, along with a subtle touch of cashews.

Where Can I Buy Reveri?

All orders for the desserts can be placed on the official Reveri website. Pricing and other relevant information has been clearly outlined on the page. Payments can be made va safe means such as PayPal, MasterCard and Visa.


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