ReliOn Ultima Blood Glucose Test Strips – Easy To Use Meter Results?


ReliOn Ultima Blood Glucose Test Strips are a product designed by Walmart to accurately and easily test for blood glucose levels. This product is available for purchase in store and on line at Walmart, Amazon, and other retailers.

What Is ReliOn Ultima Blood Glucose Test Strips?

Monitoring blood glucose levels is a necessity for many people. Those who test for blood glucose levels include people taking insulin, women who are pregnant and may suffer from gestational diabetes, people having a tough time controlling blood glucose levels, people suffering from hypoglycemia, and of course, those who suffer from diabetes.

The discomfort of testing for blood glucose levels has lessened over the years. Products to test have become safer, less painful, cleaner and easier to purchase with both monitors and test strips becoming available on line. The convenience of monitoring at home can help improve your ability to control your blood sugar levels.

Walmart has a line of products for nearly everything – clothing, pots and pans, shoes, groceries, sporting goods, electronics, home furnishings, and tools, to name a few. ReliOn is their line of medical supplies. It includes monitors for high blood pressure, glucose monitors, home drug test kits, stethoscopes, thermometers, humidifiers, syringes, and so much more.

To that end, ReliOn has created a full line of products for blood glucose monitoring. It includes test strips, monitors, syringes, lancets, nitrile gloves and glucose tablets. These products can be picked up at your local Walmart store, or conveniently ordered on line from the privacy of your own home.

ReliOn Ultima Blood Glucose Test Strips is a convenient way to test for blood glucose. It delivers advanced technology at the savings you have grown to expect from Walmart. You can receive the benefit of end-fill strips, with the convenience of a small blood sample. This convenient pack of 100 strips offers:

  • Accurate results in as little as five seconds
  • Convenience of testing on either fingertip or forearm
  • Requires only a small amount of blood, 0.6 microliter
  • Requires no coding
  • Conveniently for use with ReliOn Ultima Blood Glucose Monitor
  • ReliOn Test Strips come complete with instructions for use

Walmart also sells the ReliOn Ultima Blood Glucose Monitor available on line or in store.

How Does ReliOn Ultima Blood Glucose Test Strips Work?

There are a few key components to home blood glucose monitoring (HBGM) for people with diabetes or hypoglycemia. Ease, convenience, cost and safety are necessary for accurate monitoring.

To obtain the blood necessary for monitoring glucose levels, the skin is pricked with a lancet. It is then placed on or in a meter. This meter measures the glucose in the blood.

Using ReliOn Ultima Blood Glucose Test Strips

To receive the maximum benefits of using your Blood Glucose Test Strips, be sure to wash hands. Insert a test strip into the monitor. Using your lancing device, get a drop of blood from your fingertip or forearm. Touch and hold the edge of the strip to the drop of blood, then simply wait for the results.

Your blood glucose level will appear on the ReliOn Ultima Blood Glucose Monitor’s large display window. As the test strips are designed for single use, dispose of test strip and use a new one next time you need to check your glucose levels.

Pricing For ReliOn Ultima Blood Glucose Test Strips

To purchase your pack of 100 ReliOn Blood Glucose test strips, go to Amazon where the strips are available for $45.00. This same pack of strips is available on Walmart at for $35.88. Walmart also sells the ReliOn Ultima Blood Glucose Monitors, lancing device and lancets necessary for monitoring your blood glucose levels.

Contacting Customer Service For ReliOn Ultima Blood Glucose Test Strips

To reach customer service regarding your ReliOn Test Strip purchase, go to and follow the links to submit an email, begin processing a return or track your order.

ReliOn Ultima Blood Glucose Test Strips Review Summary

Walmart is a company we have all come to know. They have produced ReliOn Ultima Blood Glucose Test Strips, a convenient, easy, inexpensive product designed to help you monitor your glucose levels. This product is available in stores and on line from many retailers.

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