ReGenPCR: Phytocannabinoid Hemp Oil Extract Protein Powder?


ReGenPCR Protein Powder is a supplement for consumers to use during workouts or to support an otherwise active lifestyle. It is available in two flavors, though consumers can mix and match at checkout.

What Is ReGenPCR Protein Powder?

When someone decides to workout or take on a new protein supplement, it is important to find a substance that has natural ingredients for the muscles to thrive. Too many supplements are just a combination of chemicals that can actually harm consumers in the long run, but the ReGenPCR Protein Powder contains ingredients that will help the user thrive.

ReGenPCR Protein Powder offers high quality hemp and whey protein, which activates every part of the body that needs support during a workout. The hemp comes straight out of Colorado, which is a demonstration of how potent the remedy is. Specifically, this treatment is geared towards consumers that maintain a high level of activity in their lifestyle, though it is strong enough to help a body-builder routine or people who participate in sports.

Read on below to learn more details about the ingredients that are used to support this protein powder and if it can be beneficial for your workout routine.

How It Works

One of the reason ReGenPCR Protein Powder can effective is because it is a blend of multiple ingredients that make it more potent and fulfilling. The ingredients include:

The Hemp Oil extract comes from various stalks and stems. When consumers take it, it activates certain receptors in the endocannabinoid system, which cannot be activated with other substances.

Grass-fed whey protein helps the body improve lean muscles mass. It is primarily meant for muscle recovery, and it is filled with essential amino acids that come from cows that have been healthily fed. This source offers 20 grams of protein,

BCAAs are branched-chain amino acids, which keep the muscles from breaking down. Anyone that works out should have BCAAs in their diet in some way, since they actually make up about 30% of the protein in muscles. There are three specific types that this remedy that are absolutely necessary – L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, and L-Valine.

Using ReGenPCR Protein Powder

The ReGenPCR Protein Powder is easy to prepare. Because the powder is flavored, consumers will need milk of preference or water to mix it with. Measure out one scoop into 8-10 ounces of whichever liquid chosen.

The website does not appear to be made as a pre-workout treatment, so they may need to get another formula to support a workout. Further directions may be included with the shipment.

Pricing For ReGenPCR Protein Powder

To purchase the ReGenPCR Protein Powder, the total cost is determined upon which of three different packages the consumer choose.

Choose from:

  • One canister for $65.00
  • Two canisters for $120.00
  • Three canisters for $135.00 (includes a shaker bottle)

Consumers have the choice of either cinnamon cocoa or vanilla for each of the canisters in the package.

Contacting The Creators Of ReGenPCR Protein Powder

Even though the website should have enough information for consumers to make a decision about the way the treatment works. There is no phone number or email address available but consumers can fill out the online form at

ReGenPCR Protein Powder Summary

ReGenPCR Protein Powder does not appear to be geared towards either gender, but it should be used by someone that maintains a relatively active routine in their life. Even though hemp contains CBD, it does not offer any of the THC found in cannabis that causes the psychoactive effect. Consumers can use this treatment to aid in muscle recovery after a workout, or to maintain energy during a workout.


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