Redd Bar – Healthy Natural Superfood Energy Protein Bars?


Individuals who lead a healthy and active lifestyle are always on the lookout for snacks that match their life. They don’t want fat free chips, sugar free cookies, or “lite” snacks.

They want real food from nature that tastes great and gives them energy to continue doing whatever they love to do – be it biking, running, swimming, or even working. Redd Superfood Energy Bars may be the answer to their snacking needs and the solution that ends their search.

Redd Bars meld nutritional science, natural chemistry, and human performance engineering to create a complete, all natural energy bar that looks like a brownie and comes in oatmeal, peanut butter, and chocolate flavors with a hint of sweet berry.

Considered part protein bar, part energy shot, and part multi-vitamin, Redd bars are void of artificial ingredients, fillers, additives, and low-cost protein sources, while including superfoods, such as chia, acai, goji berry, mangosteen, maca, yerba maté and quinoa. And Redd’s Bars taste great.

About Redd Company

Alden Blease, the founder of Redd (Research Enhanced Design + Development) Superfood Energy Bars, accidentally fell into the business idea that transformed energy bar products. While in college, he found that in between meals, he was hungry.

He says that he could have eaten potato chips, but felt that it is important to watch what you put in your body. “Eat crap, feel like crap,” he says.

Blease was short on time and money, so he went to a health food store and purchased in bulk a bag of inexpensive, nutritionally dense ingredients.

He found that the concoction not only bridged the gap between meals, but also gave him a sustained energy boost. He began selling his energy bars, called “Rawgasms” to his dorm mates.

What began as an attempt to offer fellow broke students an alternative to vending machine junk food, turned into a full-time startup to create a healthy energy bar. Blease went from grassroots efforts to working with Reed Allen, designer and health food enthusiast.

Together they refined and rebranded the product, focusing on a commitment to the highest quality, all natural ingredients. In June of 2014, they introduced Chocolate Brownie by Redd, the very first Redd product.

Redd Bar Products

The web site for Redd Superfood Bars claims that their “All Killer, No Filler” energy bars are packed with protein, vitamins, and a shot of natural caffeine to help active individuals remain active. Redd believes in a separation of food and science.

They do not include ingredients for reasons of cost, simplicity or ease of production. Ingredients are only used if they are the best possible choice for what it does.

Redd products can be purchased at a discounted price when consumers sign up for a subscription. Subscribers will have boxes of the energy bars delivered to their door monthly. Each box of twelve bars will be fifteen percent off of retail price.

Redd also promises a surprise shipment to subscribers every once in a while, as well. When purchasing without the subscription, bars are sold in boxes of twelve bars for $35.88 each. Shipping is free for orders over $75.00.

To purchase Redd Energy Bars at a local retail store, visit the manufacturer’s website and click on the Locations link. Upon entering your zip code, a list of groceries, specialty stores, and health stores which offer Redd products for sale.

Redd Superfood Energy Bar Ingredient List

Each bar contains a variety of organic ingredients as well as eight percent of caffeine through Yerba Maté extract.

The oatmeal and peanut butter bars have 500 milligrams of maca powder per bar, while the chocolate bar contains 540 milligrams. Each bar also contains between fifty and fifty-three milligrams of Betta Berries Blend.

Each Redd Energy Bar is branded as a nutrient dense, delicious convenience food. They come in chocolate, peanut butter, and oatmeal flavors. All bars are made with the highest quality ingredients available, but do not contain any of the following:

  • Gluten
  • Dairy
  • Soy
  • GMO’s (genetically modified organisms)
  • Brown Rice (contains high levels of inorganic arsenic)

The chocolate-flavored bar, like all of the flavors, can be used as a snack or a meal replacement. It contains ten grams of protein which is equal to two or three egg whites or one slice of seitan (without the gluten, of course).

The creamy peanut butter flavor of the Redd Energy Bar contains ten grams of protein equal to two and a half egg whites, and there is no added sugars.

The revolutionary oatmeal Redd Bar is made with pure, steel-cut Irish oats. It has nine grams of protein.

All of the flavors of Redd Superfood Energy Bars contain eleven all natural, all giving superfoods and twenty-three vitamins and minerals. They provide a delicious taste along with a shot of pure, natural energy from the very first bite.

Redd Wholesale Opportunities

The manufacturer’s web site explains that the company is expanding its network of retailers. In their pursuit of stores, clubs, gyms, and campus retailers, they are offering wholesale opportunities.

Individuals and organizations that are interested in offering consumers a healthy, high-quality, and delicious alternative of nutritious snacks can fill out a wholesale application to begin their commitment to join Redd distributers.

Upon receipt of the completed application, a representative from Redd’s corporate headquarters from Portland, Maine will contact the applicant.

They will discuss the requirements and next steps to approve the wholesaler, so that they may move forward and begin selling Redd Energy Bars in their establishment.

In The News: Redd Bars

Redd Bars have received notice by news establishments and health newsletters and web sites as they’ve grown and expanded.

From their early start in 2014, the company was featured in MaineBiz, Maine’s business news source. The story explained how the company had to delay their initial production due to a packaging issue, which tainted the first batch.

It related that both Blease and Allen attended the Top Gun Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program to learn more about the finance and business side of running a startup.

More recently, in May of 2016, the press covered how Redd closed on one million dollars in funding to accelerate product innovation and expand distribution.

The funding was led by a group of funders led by Dan Nordstrom and Greg Hanson, two investors from Seattle who focus on supporting brands that aim to assist individuals who lead active lifestyles.

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