Red Palm Oil Benefits


Red Palm Oil Review

By now the health benefits of olive oil and other plant oils are well known.

However, what if you were told that there was actually an oil available that can be used just like olive oil – but it is exponentially better for you? Would you believe it? You should because it’s true.

Red Palm Oil – What Is It?

This miracle oil is called Red Palm Oil and it is extracted from the fruit of the African pam tree. This is not to be mistaken for palm kernel oil, which is extracted from the small kernels inside the fruit. The oil is then taken and processed into pure red palm oil, which is sold in stores.

Unfortunately, the extraction of red palm oil has had a negative impact on animals, the environment, and some humans living in the area. However, a growing number of companies are promoting sustainable red palm oil, which has no serious impacts on the environment.

Many health advocates purchasing red palm oil from these companies to promote responsible purchasing.

Health Benefits of Red Palm Oil

Detailing every health benefit of red palm oil would take forever – simply because there are so many. However, here are the main benefits of red pam oil.

Cardiovascular Benefits

The primary benefits of red palm oil are for the cardiovascular system. Even though red palm oil has a high concentration of saturated fat, research has shown that red palm oil actually helps eliminate and remove plaque from the bloodstream and artery walls, preventing blockages.

Red palm oil also helps remove LDL cholesterol and triglycerides from the bloodstream, which helps improve blood pressure as a result. The antioxidants in red palm oil also reduce inflammation in the lining of the arteries, which is one of the main causes for cholesterol to block up the arteries.

Brain Benefits

A form of Vitamin E called alpha tocotrienol can reduce the risk for stroke by up to 50%, research suggests. According to research, alpha tocotrienol helps protect the nerve cells in the brain and red palm oil has the highest concentration compared to any other oil or food.

The anti-inflammatory nature of red palm oil also helps protect the brain from free radical damage and studies show that red palm oil might reduce the risk for Alzheimer’s.

Other Benefits

According to preliminary research, red palm oil might also protect skin cells from UV damage, reduce the severity of asthma, and reduce the risk of diseases like liver disease, osteoporosis, and macular degeneration.

Best of all, red palm oil is safe and can be used just like other oils. There are no side effects and red palm oil can be used by anybody with the fear of potential health problems.

Buying Pure Red Palm Oil

If you would like to buy red palm oil, you can do so by going to your local health store or by purchasing it online. If you purchase red palm oil, make sure to purchase 100% organic or virgin red palm oil.

Doing so will ensure you buy the highest quality red palm oil to reap many of the benefits of this miracle oil.

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