Real Raw Honey Review – Natural BeeKeeper's Unheated Honey Products?


Over the past several years, a phenomenon has been sweeping the Western world. As people realized the obesity problem in the United States was getting out of control, more and more people began adopting a healthier lifestyle, in an attempt to combat the health issues society was facing. As more and more people began taking their health into their own hands, the foods, drinks, and even skin care products that were being used began to get scrutinized more and more.

Healthy people don’t want to just be healthy in one or two aspects of their lives. When people really begin caring about their bodies, they start taking all aspects of health and wellness seriously. Because of this, there was a greater need for organic, non-GMO foods, drinks with less sugar and additives, and skin care products that didn’t contain questionable ingredients. As more and more people adopted this lifestyle, the market has responded, providing what people want.

While there has been a huge overhaul of the foods and drinks people consume, some areas have been overlooked. This is very much the case when it comes to honey. When people think of honey, they probably think of the golden liquid in honey bears or the yellow sticky substance that Pooh Bear likes to eat. What very few people realize is that the honey that is sold in most stores isn’t actually real honey. These are manufactured honey’s that have been processed and completely depleted of their amazing health benefits.

Real honey, raw honey, is thicker and comes with health benefits that the honey’s sold in stores do not have. These honey’s have powerful antibacterial properties and taste richer. Also, these honeys aren’t golden and smooth, they’re thick and very pale yellow in color. These honeys are the ones that people who truly care about their health should be using.

Really Raw Honey is a company that, like its name suggests, produces real, raw honey. Unlike so many of the other honey’s on the market, the honey produced by Really Raw Honey is fresh hives located in the United States. And, because Really Raw Honey is completely natural, it still has all the amazing health properties that honey should have.

What is Really Raw Honey?

Really Raw Honey is a company that provides health conscious consumers with honey that is completely unprocessed. Unlike the honey sold in stores across the world, Really Raw Honey still contains all the properties that have made honey such a vital part of health and wellness for years. Creamy and smooth, Really Raw Honey can still be used in the same manner other honey is used, but it will just be so much better for the health and wellness of users.

Really Raw Honey contains everything that makes honey so amazing. It has all the pollen, propolis, and live enzymes that makes it such a perfect food source for bees. In fact, Really Raw Honey even contains bits of the honeycomb in it. While the concept of raw honey may be a bit confusing for those who haven’t had it before, most customers who give Really Raw Honey a chance never go back to the processed, overly sweet options sold in stores today.

What Makes Really Raw Honey Different?

As mentioned above, Really Raw Honey is different because it’s completely unprocessed. The process that most honey goes through before it’s sold in the United States causes it to lose all its amazing health properties. Being overheated and diluted leaves the honey sold in those little bears almost as unhealthy as sugar. In fact, many of those honey options actually add sugar to them.

Really Raw Honey keeps everything natural. This honey is unprocessed, which means it contains everything honey was meant to have. It’s this type of honey that made it so perfect for fighting colds and other illnesses. In fact, raw honey like the honey sold by Really Raw Honey used to be put on wounds to keep them from getting infected. It’s this type of natural, wonderful antibacterial properties that make Really Raw Honey so different.

One of the first differences purchasers notice about Really Raw Honey is that it doesn’t look like the honey they’re used to. Really Raw Honey is thick and sold. It’s cream and can be spread easily with a knife. Most people expect honey to drip and flow, but in its natural form, it works just like a spread. While this may take a little getting used to, honey in this form is actually much easier to handle. It goes in teas and on breads better.

Finally, one of the biggest differences between Really Raw Honey and other options on the market is that this honey tastes different. Taken from hives in wildflower fields, Really Raw Honey actually smells like wildflowers. This smell translates amazingly to the taste of Really Raw Honey.

The flavor bursts in the mouth, all while soothing the throat. And what makes the taste of Really Raw Honey so amazing is that it will always be just a little bit different. Bees don’t always use the same flowers or herbs, and because Really Raw Honey is so natural, these variations in flower choice comes through in the honey. This gives customers of Really Raw Honey a new experience each and every time they purchase the honey.

Purchasing Really Raw Honey

There is one downside to purchasing Really Raw Honey, though it is part of the reason the company is so great. Because Really Raw Honey is, as its name suggests, really raw, it can’t be heated. Because of this, Really Raw Honey won’t ship out any honey in weather that is above 88 degrees Fahrenheit. While this may be a bit disappointing for those who want their honey in the summer, it only adds to the credibility of Really Raw Honey and its amazing product.

Because Really Raw Honey offers so many amazing products, for those who are interested in purchasing any of their products, the Really Raw Honey website should be visited ( Here, shoppers will find a variety of spreadable honey’s, as well as fermented honey and several gift options. Prices can range from $14.60 for a pound of honey to $358.68 for a two pound 10oz case. Really Raw Honey always offers free shipping for all of its products.

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