RE Memory Plus – NatureKue Memory Enhancing Nootropic Pill?


ifWe all become forgetful sometimes, forgetting people's names, forgetting things we must do, forgetting timelines. When it becomes, a problem is when these moments of forgetfulness begin to affect our lives.

Lapses in memory can be caused by a variety of things, sometimes it’s a lack of sleep, sometimes it’s a hormonal imbalance, sometimes it’s stress; but none of these causes are permanent, and can be easily treated when your body is able to heal.

With NatureKue Re-Memory PLUS you can naturally treat these symptoms, and their causes with an all-natural, herbal formula used for centuries to help people regain their focus and memory function.

Re-Memory PLUS is a clinically proven and tested pharmaceutical grade supplement designed specifically to support brain health. This proprietary blend of herbal extracts originated from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) which uses formulas that maintain the use of the Synergy Theory through modern innovative technology.

The Synergy Theory, or the Yin and Yang, teaches that the body is comprised of two contrasting components. When a person is healthy, they are in harmony, when a person is sick they are out of balance. Based on this theory, TCM practices treating the body as a whole system rather than treating an individual symptom.

Why All Natural?

At NatureKue it is the philosophy that natural herbs, when used synergistically, can cure or help improve many, if not all our ailments. In ancient times, herbs were the only medicine available, and until now, they have remained the safest way to effectively treat many health problems.

Herbs have been used for centuries to maintain and restore the healthy functions of the body. The holistic approach of regaining balance in the body rather than treating one symptom at a time has remained at the forefront of the work done at NatureKue, and ultimately the products that are made available to consumers.

Why Re-Memory PLUS?

Re-Memory PLUS promises to improve your overall memory naturally and holistically with it’s natural blend of herbs specifically chosen to work synergistically to improve your overall brain function.

This essential supplement will increase and improve blood flow to the brain, improve your cognition and memory, refresh and invigorate your mind, all while improving and encouraging sounder sleep.

How Does Re-Memory PLUS Work?

Re-Memory PLUS is made up of ten (10) TCM, or Traditional Chinese Medicine herbs that have been used and proven effective for centuries:

  • Don Quai, Chinese Peony, and Spatholobus are all well known for improving blood viscosity and improving blood circulation.
  • Sichuan Lovage is the most frequently used herb in TCM to treat headaches and dizziness.
  • Mother of Pearl (Zhen Zhu Mu) is known primarily for its calming properties, and its ability to promote better sleep.
  • Rehmannia is best known for its wide use for maintaining healthy blood sugar levels, along with lipid levels.
  • Sicklepod Senna is known to lower blood pressure and improve lipid functioning.
  • Prunelle Vargis lowers blood pressure, inducing a sedative effect to improve relaxation and sleep.
  • Uncaria Rhynchophylla can increase blood flow while decreasing blood pressure. This herb is additionally known to be an anticonvulsant and promotes sound sleep.
  • Yanhusuo has remained in the forefront for relieving stress and pain.

The synergistic combination of these ten (10) herbs are what will improve blood flow to the brain, improve circulation, enhance memory and cognition, improve with focus and concentration, and ultimately improve your ability to sleep soundly.

In addition, Re-Memory PLUS is free of preservatives, and contains no sugar, gluten, nuts, soy, yeast, corn, dairy, and GMO free.

Directions For Use

Take two (2) tablets twice daily with food.

If pregnant, nursing, taking other medications, or have medical conditions, please consult your doctor before using.

How To Order

Re-Memory PLUS can be purchased online for $23.99 for a 120-tablet bottle.

Re-Memory PLUS Review Summary

If memory issues and problems with concentration have been plaguing your day to day life, now is the time to reclaim balance and peace of mind, naturally.

These centuries old formulas will not only give you the results you want, but will do so without the worry of harmful chemicals, interactions, or side effects commonly seen in synthetic prescription medications.

Additionally, prescription medications are used and prescribed to treat one symptom, while the Traditional Chinese Medicine philosophy is to treat the body holistically to restore balance.

The benefits of Re-Memory PLUS go far beyond the average supplement used to improve cognitive brain function. The scientifically researched, and centuries used TCM formula using the Synergy Theory has helped Re-Memory PLUS go beyond your expectations.

Re-Memory PLUS uses balance to create a better functioning, overall healthier cognitive experience. This balance is exactly what your body needs to function effectively, thus improving your health overall.

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