RAU Chocolate – Organic Cold Pressed Cacao Superfood Drinks?


RAU Chocolate is a company that offers delicious chocolate drinks that is as indulgent as it is healthy. This brand focuses on maintaining the wholesome quality of that everyone deserves.

What Is RAU Chocolate?

Chocolate is one of the most delicious flavors in the industry, which is why there are so many opportunities to purchase it. It’s a celebratory treat around all major holidays and anniversaries, and it’s also a classic go-to for women when they need a little comfort. This substance can trigger a chemical response in the brain that helps you feel happy and elated, which may be most of the appeal.

That’s an effort that RAU Chocolate wants to help.

RAU Chocolate comes from the minds of two roommates out of college that wants to expand the knowledge of and the flavor for heirloom cacao beans, which are rich with nutrition. In fact, this superfood has been abused by the industry so long that you probably don’t know how it truly can taste in the first place.

Out of the efforts of the founders came the first cold-pressured chocolate drink that has true sustainability. With no refined sugar, dairy, or anything artificial, their brand takes chocolate to the level that it deserves to beat.

The Process

The part of this drink that sets it apart from other options. Chocolate has been a part of so many cultures and their indulgence. It’s the sweet treat that keeps giving, even in culture to this day.

However, the reason that culture is lucky enough to make this discovery is the Mayans, and it’s their significance that the RAU Chocolate brand is inspired by.

RAU Chocolate shies away from the classic production that is used in the industry, which involves refining the beans, destroying the full nutrition with heat, and adding in sugars that are unhealthy. Instead, these flavors are made with organic ingredients, like spices and vanilla, to create a flavor that offers the balance of aromas that make it delicious.

The process is fairly simple:

  1. The beans are harvested from reliable farms via hand-picking, giving you the main ingredient at the peak of freshness and ripeness.
  2. The company creates a batch of the base ingredient with other clean ingredients, which is exclusively made with hand-crafting.
  3. The bottles are put under cold water pressure, which helps to kill and eliminate any bacteria that can make your drink less effective and less flavorful.
  4. The drink is ready.

This process, along with the ingredients, is the key to offering and drink that exemplifies excellence.

Products From RAU Chocolate

There are only a few options right now from RAU, but the flavors are still amazing. You can choose from any of these classic flavors to give yourself a taste of a drink that starts you off on the right track.

To find out the nearest location that offers these products, you can visit https://drinkrau.com/locate/.

Bold Original

The original Bold flavor gives you all the deliciously impressive taste of real chocolate. This blend is both bitter and sweet, using organic spices and vanilla to create a drink that you can relax and enjoy. This drink includes many other organic ingredients, like Cacao Powder, Cacao Butter, and Monk Fruit Extract.

Cold Brew Mocha

This cold brew offers a different process to create the flavor. Instead of pouring hot water through coffee grounds quickly, the company soaks it for 18hours, giving you more body and potency than before.

Plus, you’ll get the bonus of using mocha flavor as well. This bold drink comes from with impressive nutrition as well. This drink offers many of the same organic ingredients that the original offers, but with the addition of Coconut Palm Sugar. With the process, you end up with about 80mg of caffeine in every bottle.


When you wake up in the morning, Mint is a refreshing and comforting taste to enjoy. With the organic mint leaf balancing out the entire blend, you’ll feel like you’re drinking up a thin mint instead of your daily brew. With high-pressure brewing, you’ll be able to get all the benefits of a superfood.


Coconut is a common blend that you find in chocolate, so why not combine it in a drink? Without the flaky texture of coconut, you get a smooth blend with organic ingredients to sweeten the drink. The only real difference between this drink and the original is the addition of coconut oil.


If you like the taste of chocolate chip cookies, the semi-sweet one is for you. This blend of ingredients includes an impressive quality of the organic cocoa beans. This drink offers the wholesome flavor of coconut palm sugar. With a smooth finish, you can enjoy the silky texture that is a trademark of RAU.

Contacting RAU Chocolate

If you want to try out these drinks for yourself, you may still have a few questions to address before you go any further in the regimen. The customer service team can only be reached electronically, since they don’t offer a phone number.

You can fill out the online form, or you can use one of the following emails:

RAU Chocolate Summary Review

RAU Chocolate gives you a small selection of drinks, but with better nutrition than you find in most protein shakes. The base ingredient counts as a superfood, which is what makes it so crucial to your day. If you want to indulge without feeling as bad about it, RAU Chocolate can help.

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