There is no topic as important as the health of an individual and the environmental-friendliness of products. It is in this light that Quorn was developed. The company is one with a mission that is simple yet clear, they intend on tabling some of the most delicious foods possible.

However, these foods are also designed to be very healthy for the people that consume them, as well as friendly to the environment. The company places a heavy priority on their corporate responsibility and commitment to the health and environmental benefits of their products.

Mycoproteins: The End Of Meat

The company is dedicated to making the diets of people globally healthier but more sustainable. The company realizes that in pursuit of healthier diets that last, there is a need to revamp the production of their products. The change should begin at the production level. They, therefore, do not use the same products that other companies use in making their products.

So instead of using the regular livestock products, the company makes the use of Mycoprotein. This is a dough that is formed through fermenting a fungi found in soil that is highly nutritious. The dough thereafter produced is a nutritious one that is quite rich in protein and fiber. It also contains very low levels of saturated fat and has absolutely no cholesterol content.

The production of this mycoprotein requires less land and water in comparison to the production of ordinary protein. The production, in fact, has a 90% lower carbon footprint while in production as compared to the production of ordinary protein from animal sources. This is the reason Mycoproteins are used in all of the products by Quorn.

Quorn is generally healthier with a lower carbon footprint. The production of Mycoprotein is also quite sustainable. In this way, the company is enabling healthy, tasty meals that better the planet.

Why Quorn Is Needed

Vegan Friendly Dishes

The company has produced over 15 different products that you can easily find in most retail shops near you. The company also wants to cater for the needs of all the customers in need of delicious food that is healthy and environmentally friendly.

It is in this light that the company has developed a line of products that is vegan friendly. These products will offer you numerous recipes with which you can play to get the best and the tastiest vegan dishes.

They give you a large variety of meals to play with. You can get the best vegan dishes in the form of alternatives to chicken tenders and chicken cutlets. You could also explore the delicious yet versatile spice vegan burgers. All these are delicious meals that are fully vegetarian and are designed to replicate the taste of products that would have otherwise been non-vegetarian.

The foods include the following:

  • Vegan Naked Chicken Cutlets: a delicious meal that is completely meat-free. You can enjoy this meal as part of your vegetarian diet.
  • Vegan Chicken Tenders: these will offer you the same great taste and textures that you get from chicken tenders.
  • Vegan Spicy Chicken Patty: this is now available in a vegan diet.

However, these are just the specific products that are vegan friendly. A greater majority of the products form Quorn still contain either a small amount or a much larger amount of some egg-white or milk. This makes them not suitable for people following a vegan diet.

However, they are in constant pursuit of the best ways to improve their products and make them more vegetarian friendly while still retaining the same amazing taste.

Easy To Cook

The products from Quorn are quite easy to cook. There are several ways of preparing the products from Quorn. You can cook them in an oven, a microwave, or a stove. The delicious products have an easy method of preparation which is always labeled on the packets of each product.

Most of the cooking instructions in the packets will recommend that you cook the sauce before adding the product. This is owing to the nature of the ingredients. They contain no animal proteins and as a result have a reduced cooking time.

You will likely want to use the products from Quorn in conjunction with other products such as spaghetti and Shepherd’s pie. If you get stuffed you will want to put these in the fridge to eat later.

So the question is, are they safe to reheat? The answer is yes, the products are perfectly safe to reheat provided they have been placed in the refrigerator and are reheated within 24 hours. Chances are you will not be able to resist them for that long.

FDA Approved

All of the products from the company are regarded as safe to use. This is because the company only uses ingredients that are regarded as safe for use. The company’s products are also subject to a lot of tests by independent laboratories. The products are subjected to the regulations of leading authorities around the globe for safety standards.

One of these authorities is the Food and Drug Administration from the United States. They are also subjected to regulation by the Food Standards Authority in the United Kingdom. These are among the most strict safety regulatory bodies in the globe and a reliable source of information on product safety.

Environmentally Friendly

The use of Mycoproteins is also a plus. The production of Mycoproteins ends up in 90% lower carbon footprint as compared to the production of proteins from livestock sources. This means the company plays a huge role in preserving the environment.

The Mycoprotein is also quite sustainable as it is produced from the earth. This is why the company claims that it provides the planet with a sustainable form of nutrition. So you can enjoy a great tasting meal that affects the environment in a very little way.

In this way, the company is able to keep up with the modern revolution towards sustainable production.

Benefits of Quorn

The company has numerous benefits to the user. Some of the major benefits are highlighted below:

  • The products are an excellent way of acquiring proteins in a meat-free way. This is through the mycoprotein that they use in the product.
  • The company has a very low carbon footprint on the world as the production of the mycoprotein requires very little in terms of water and space during its production.
  • The products are a perfectly healthy and completely sustainable way to feed your family. It is the perfect diet to give your family
  • The foods offer you versatility. This is because you can alter the recipes in any way you deem fit to experiment with flavors.
  • The company is also dedicated to bring you the freshest products in the farm-to-table system. The natural ingredients are processed as little as possible.
  • The meals are easy and fast to prepare. They, therefore, fit perfectly in the modern lifestyle.
  • They have excellent range of products for vegetarians.


There are a lot of concerns among the scientific world regarding the use of Mycoproteins. They are concerned because the new protein is largely untested and may result in a series of allergic reactions. The company should also stop implying to customers that the product is mushroom based as this is deceptive.

Quorn Review Summary

The products from Quorn are quite nutritious and the production of them is quite sustainable. The products are also surprisingly tasty. This raises the question, is Quorn the pioneer of the technology that will eventually be the end of traditional meat products?


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