Quick Heat Electric Hand Warmer – USB Rechargeable & Long Lasting?


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Chances are, if you live in a cold climate you are almost used to having cold hands. We would like to believe we become immune to the cold, but that is more than likely a story we are trying to convince ourselves of. There are several hand warmers on the market, but they typically last no more than a few hours and then, they are thrown away. Which in turn, means you either go back to cold hands and fingers or you are forced to purchase more.

This Quick Heat Electric Hand Warmer by Survival Frog is like no other small device on the market. It is electrical meaning you won’t need to keep replacing the batteries. Once the charge has run out, you simply plug it in and you are ready to go again.

When we are cold, the first place we feel it is in our fingers. You may have caught yourself more than a dozen times wondering, is it cold in here because my hands are freezing! Right? And, this is because our hands are the most vulnerable parts on our bodies. It is where we feel the cold first.

Thus, keeping them warm should be a priority – not a nuisance we become used to. When you can warm your hands with an electric heater like this one, it will help increase the blood flow to your hands and help you feel warmer almost instantly.

Features of Quick Heat Electric Hand Warmer

As mentioned above, this heater is electrical and can reach between 104-140 degrees. The battery charge will hold between 4-10 hours depending on the level of heat you are using. This is plenty of time for outdoor activities, a long cold car or bus ride or even a day at the office.

Perhaps you are someone who types all day or spends a lot of time of the computer. Cold hands will slow down productivity, so an electric hand warmer is perfect for those typing enthusiasts!

Quick Heat Electric Hand Warmer is Easy to Use!

This small device, that you can take with you just about anywhere, is easily used with the push of a button. There is one button that controls the hand warmer to be on, or off and an additional dial that will allow you to cycle through the different temperature settings.

Easy enough for anyone to use – even when you have cold hands!

The Survival Frog website describes this product as a walking campfire. There isn’t anyone who doesn’t love being next to a warm campfire, warming and rubbing their hands together. This electric hand warmer works the same – except this one, you can take with you.

This product is great for yourself, and especially awesome as a gift. It would be like giving the gift of warmth, and a gift that keeps on giving!

How to Order the Quick Heat Electric Hand Warmer

This Quick Heat Electric Hand Warmer can be ordered on their website for only $14.97. That is a huge savings right now because, the original retail price is $34.99. A total savings of 57%! Even more reason to buy one for yourself and others.

Included in your order is the electric hand warmer and one (1) USB cable for charging the device.

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